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A Casino that Travels through Time

Are you looking for a casino that speaks to your generation? Time and time again you’ll visit a portal or see an advertisement for what appears to be the latest and greatest in the online world, only to get there, sign up, and find out that the casino, although good, isn’t really for you. Your disappointment doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the games, or the responsiveness of the customer service…the casino is just missing a special something that makes the casino FEEL right for you.

One casino operator has heard this story once too often and has decided that it was time to create a group of casinos under one umbrella that captured the differentiating nuances that mass market casinos invariably fail to grasp. Nostalgia Casinos was this operator’s solution to the problem. By segmenting sites by generation, Nostalgia has been able to capture almost half a century of values, aspirations and ideals under its one brand. The casinos in the group form a timeline of six casinos spanning from the 1920’s - 1930’s Cotton Club Casino, to the newest member of the group, “Totally 80’s Casino.”

CASINO TIMELINE: The stylish 20’s through the fast-paced 80’s

Cotton Club Casino > Happy Days Casino > Beach Party Casino > Far Out Casino > That 70’s Casino > Totally 80’s Casino

And although the themes differ greatly between each casino in the Nostalgia group, all are powered by proven Real Time Gaming software offering over 40 games, and massive progressives including Good to be Bad Slots, Progressive Let ‘em Ride and long time favorite, Caribbean Stud.

The Nostalgia casinos group is proud to be part of the first real segmentation effort in online gambling. “Las Vegas casinos are the best at carving out their markets, you can find every theme imaginable, walking down the strip. And the reason the land based casinos have spent billions of dollars creating a city fantasyland is because gamblers like to gamble where they feel most comfortable. It’s no use trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, and that is what the majority of online casinos are trying to do. At Nostalgia Casinos, we want players to choose the environment they are naturally inclined towards - square pegs in square holes,” says Nostalgia management.

Cotton Club Casino – is a stylish casino with all the class and glamour of one of the hottest nightclubs of the mid 20’s – 30’s There is a 50% High roller’s bonus for the big-time players and a 20% bonus for anyone else that comes uptown to visit this online hotspot. Join the “A” crowd and be seen at the CottonClubCasino.

Happy Days Casino – This casino embodies the purity and fun loving optimism of the 1950’s with its no pressure, laid-back 1950’s style site.
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