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Do You Have What it Takes?

Handicapping has many different layers / levels and I don’t know of anybody either past or present who has not experienced the ups and downs of the profession. You must pay your dues early on and you must be able to recognize and adhere to money management and discipline. No matter who you may be at an early stage you are going to experience defeat, and if you are a genuine student of the game who is willing to literally make many personal sacrifices, you may have a chance. If you are unwilling…well as we say in the business, you have two chances: Slim and None and Slim is out of town.

There are no Universities or Colleges that prepare for a world class handicapper. It is twenty four seven quite frankly, and I mean that as candidly as I can speak. In addition to that I have always felt, and genuinely, that any one who decides that he or she would like to live the life of the handicapper is probably born with a little bit of a mascochistic gene within themselves because the glamour disappears very very quickly. Yes it can be rewarding, it is a non-scientific game, you can not prove you are right or wrong, the right is when you pick up the money and walk or laugh all the way to the bank and the other is self explanatory.

There all no lulls, you begin early in the morning regardless of what season it may be and you work right through the late hours of the night and sometimes into the early morning again. Your social life becomes dull, there is very little time to party and if you are inclined to lean or bend towards any type of bad habits such as drinking or drugs your chances that were 1 to 10 to become successful, become reduced down to zero.

Over the past…oh…many decades, within this industry the great handicappers all got to know each other. There really are no hidden or mysteries handicappers and they all conform or adhere to the same principal that is total dedication. I think it might be fair to say that there is really only a very small percentage of professional players that are able to sustain themselves over a period of time. Anybody can get lucky for a day, a week, a season or even a year. But if your going to make this as your profession and depend on the results for a living, you need to be as sharp as a tack.

I began handicapping… or maybe I should use the word playing at a very early age in my teens. I certainly wouldn’t be able to say that I was a handicapper at that age because I was just experimenting going though the only school there is, and that’s the one we call the School of Hard Knocks, and I mean that literally.

But then there comes a time when you can determine, not only by your success ratio, but if you’re an objective person you know, you feel, you sense, that you have arrived. When you get that feeling you just try to take it to another or a higher level. I think it might be fair to say that I honestly did that. I am not sure how one rates handicappers, I guess you might classify that as being subjective, but they are special people within the contexts of success. It is very difficult to beat the line in any sport (it’s a word beyond difficult) and for the average person its virtually impossible.

There are within this industry of handicappers as we speak today probably less than a dozen who are recognized as the ones who are unbeatable. The game has not changed since I was in my teens until the year 2002, it’s the same game.
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