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WILLIAM HILL KNOWS GAMBLING. Sure, founder William Hill retired in 1970, but the company that bears his name taps lessons learned over 71 years to combine a customer-driven business with a house-size that can cover any wager. And thanks to the internet, they’re a poker force worldwide.

On land, the company operates over 1,600 betting shops, mostly in England, where it takes wagers on anything from sports to whether it will snow on Christmas day. It operates two telephone call centers capable of handling 500 bets simultaneously. The company also provides ‘prize machines’ similar to North American VLTs. And since 2002, William Hill has been publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

So it’s no surprise William Hill’s foray into Internet gambling has been a glowing success. After extending their sportsbook business online in 1998, the company began offering a casino product in 2000. Despite being newcomers to the casino business, the company combined the knowledge from the land-based business to open At first, William Hill sent a free CD with the software casino to gamblers. Customers trusted the brand and knew they would get paid. Traffic to the virtual casino exploded overnight, and William Hill grew deep roots not only in the UK, but also in the gambler-rich US.

IT’S TOUGH TO ENTER THE GAMING MARKET. At last count, it was estimated that there are over 2,000 online destinations. Yet despite daunting competition, William Hill’s casino quickly became a destination for gamblers looking for a fair shake. So it’s also no surprise that, when William Hill decided to translate their fair play, fair pay mantra into online poker, players went all-in for the product.

“Our poker site is helped by the reputation and strength of our brand, developed by our 1,600 street shops,” says James Lowe, Casino/Poker Affiliate Marketing Manager with William Hill. “We have 70 years experience in the betting industry, meaning William Hill can offer security and confidence no one can match.”

What makes William Hill Poker special in the online poker space are the same qualities they’ve been able to leverage across their business: no hassle customer service, a trusted brand, easy-to-use software, and of course, experience.

The software lends itself to serious poker. Uncluttered and functional, it is the result of consultation with thousands of poker players who demand the best. It features a classic selection of games including Hold ‘em, Omaha and 7-Card Stud.

When you visit the website at, it automatically takes you to the Pounds Sterling version. If you prefer to see promotional information in dollars, select the US Dollar option in the top right. The poker software itself automatically converts all deposits into chips, so players can seamlessly play in multi-currencies.

There is no shortage of promotions at William Hill Poker. New players receive a bonus $25. Every month, existing players receive $5 free each hour for their first five hours of play. And if you are invited, William Hill may send you a message to start a new table (to keep the action balanced). If you do, you will be paid up to $30/hour to help keep the action moving. At William Hill you’re paid to play poker. There are also Royal Flush and progressive jackpots to keep things interesting. Play for fun or for real cash – for as little as a $0.15 blind.

Once you open up the software package, you’ll know you’re playing in an operation with class. Great software backed by a proven land-based gaming giant? That’s a hand worth playing.
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