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Divine Casino Fortune Jackpot

It is uncertain how influential a role the Creator plays in gambling online or otherwise. But Elizabeth H, Export Manager, was not afraid to admit to divine help after capturing the $106,575.16 jackpot playing Cash Splash at Casino Fortune.

The single mom and basketball coach thanked God for hearing her prayers and promised to show her appreciation in a tangible manner as well. “I will give $6,575.16 to my church 'Mary Help Of Christians'", said Elizabeth. "Because I said if I win this jackpot everything over $100,000 I will give to my church. I am a divorced, single mother and working hard every day. This jackpot is a blessing in many ways.”

Elizabeth also said that Casino Fortune is the best online casino and loves playing all the progressive slots. Progressives make it possible to hit jackpots like her’s. They work by accumulating their progressive jackpot from several linked slot machines, each allocating a portion of every progressive bet to the progressive pot. Its not uncommon to have jackpots that amass more than the six figures required to call it a “Mega-Jackpot” when you have the number of layers that Casino Fortune has.

Apart from her belief in the Most High, she also advised gamblers to "never step on anyone on your way up because you might meet them again on your way down".

If you want to meet Elizabeth, though, a good place to start would be Las Vegas where she plans to soon take her dream vacation.” I haven't had a vacation in 7 years and I deserve it."
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