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8 Things to Do Before You Gamble Online

So you want to be an online gambler? Perhaps you’ve dabbled in it a bit, or perhaps you’ve only gone as far as picking up this magazine. Maybe you have so many open accounts that you have completely lost track of them. Regardless, there are ways to select which online casinos to gamble in. Before taking the plunge, take some advice.

8 things to do before you gamble online:

1. Pick a casino (that was pretty simple -- NOT). Choosing an online casino is like choosing a restaurant; it really depends on what mood you’re in and what you hunger for. You might like the eye candy, or maybe you’ve played a few and there is a brand of software that you feel comfortable with. Or maybe you don’t care and just want to play. Whatever the case may be, the choice should be one inspired by trust and a certain level of comfort. Read on.

2. Choose a casino by its name. Yeah, I’m serious. Casinos put a lot of thought into their names and you ought to put the same level of thought into what this means to you. For example, Kiwi Casino was awarded best named casino of the year 2001 from Casinomeister. Why? Because the name implies that it's different than the usual Vegas Golden Win Big Money Casino. It also suggests something a bit more exotic; Kiwi = kiwi bird, green fruit, exotic New Zealand, etc. It is difficult to confuse this named casino with any other casino, allowing it to retain its uniqueness. Beware of casinos that use # ! at the beginnings of their names. These symbols will result in the casino name to show up first alphabetically in a directory like; thus they are more concerned with shamelessly making a buck than advancing the industry with good service.

3. Once you’ve chosen your named casino, select five backups in case you deselect this one. Using the same criteria, it shouldn’t be too difficult since there seems to be an endless supply of nicely named casinos.

4. Do some detective work. Check out some of the leading forums such as,, Gambling Grumbles and the Online Players Association, and do a keyword search. What you are looking for are unresolved complaints. Players will usually express their dissatisfaction when a casino’s support section drops the ball. And most of these forums welcome posts from newbies who seek information on a casino. You may be surprised by the responses. Most of these aboved mentioned websites are also picky on whom they promote. See whom they are promoting and look for your casino.

5. The next step: review the casino site. When it comes to online gambling, first impressions are usually right. Go by your gut feelings. What is astonishing is that players are often surprised when they are ripped off by websites that have qualities which are questionable. Run a quick check at VeriSign’s “Whois” Last year, I received a complaint about a casino that had vanished. A quick look-up at Whosis indicated that the casino was set up by an individual from with the street address of Morepornthanjesus. Would you want to do business with them? If the casino has been set up by someone with an inexpensive hotmail or yahoo email address, skip it.

6. Read the casino’s Terms and Conditions. It is critical that you understand this since the T&Cs will normally outline their rules on bonus play, cash out procedures, and who can or cannot play. There is no sense in gambling online if you do not know how you will collect your winnings.

7. Contact their support with a simple question such as “If I deposit $100 and win $200, how will I be paid and how long will it take?” Most well-financed casinos have 24/7 email support to include chat lines and toll free numbers. Give them a test drive.

8. Finally, do they allow you to play for free? This is very important; it gives

you the chance to check out their software before you spend any money. Learn the games, understand the rules, and have fun.

And that’s the crux of it all: have fun. If you’re not having fun, then do something else like go bowling or train your dog to do a new trick. But chances are, you’re not a bowler nor a dog trainer; you’re a gambler. So gamble online, and be sharp.
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