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Wave of Fantasy

First, any correlation between so called ‘surfing’ the internet and performing the act itself must be denounced. But on the rarest occasions, the two do coexist, especially if you’re clued into Surfer Magazine’s Fantasy Surfer Challenge (

Depending on your surf savvy, you can be part of over 12,000 registered users from over 20 different countries who assemble a carefully picked team from the top board riders in the world to compete for great prizes like boat trips to exotic, wave-rich corners of the world.

And as the 2007 tour gets underway on Australia’s Gold Coast—the European leg hits France and Spain in the autumn—people are sizing up the pick of the litter. Basically, pick eight surfers from the top pro surfers of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) using a fantasy $50 million. Overall value of each surfer is based on rankings and performances and whatever’s left over of the $50 million during the initial draft can be applied toward future trades. Your team’s points are based on actual performances as they compete on the tour, with stops in idyllic locations like Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, Brazil and South Africa.

All 48 competitors score between 0-150 points. Whenever one of your surfers scores points, your team scores points. The more points you get, the better you and your team do. Simple. Each team is then awarded the cumulative total points for the eight surfers selected for a particular event. So picking the top eight finishers in order will yield a perfect score of 1,000 points. The overall winner of the Fantasy Surfing Challenge is the team that accumulates the highest fantasy points for the best eight events out of the 12 on tour.

A massive influx of new talent will give the old guard a run for its money in 2007 despite runaway, eight-time world Champion Kelly Slater still in the mix. “We had a big influx in 2006,” said ASP President and 1978 world champion Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew. “And with another influx in 2007, we’ve seen almost 50 percent of the personnel change. It’s going to be really exciting!”

Playing may not get you to those locations, but it’s fun and completely free. And it gives you something to dream about, no matter what kind of surfer you consider yourself.
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