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In a Flash

Pinnacle Casino and BetCris Casino get on their marks.

In the spirit of Super Bowl season, our casino showdown features two of the world’s leading sportsbook casinos to find out not only who is better over all, but mostly to find out who is the fastest to play on—in the spirit of sports of course. And with that said, our two contestants this month are Pinnacle Casino and BetCris Casino. Neither site requires you to download any software, so to enjoy playing at these industry-leading sites, you simply register in minutes, and off you go. So let’s put the pedal to the metal and find out whose engine is revved to take that checkered flag.

Pinnacle Casino
As the internet’s largest sports betting site serving customers in more than 80 countries worldwide since 1998, Pinnacle has earned an industry-leading reputation for providing consistent high levels of service to their customers.

They are known for their outstanding value on sports, and the online casino is no different. With no download and no software to install, the Instant Play Pinnacle Casino offers .3-percent cash back rewards on every play made—win or lose—to ensure that payout levels are the highest in the industry at a staggering 101 percent.

At Pinnacle Casino, they understand what it takes to make you feel at home and the award-winning online casino delivers outstanding graphics and exciting casino game play, all in a safe and secure environment.

What’s more, Pinnacle Casino gives a range of Las Vegas-style casino games and slots to choose from such as blackjack, roulette, poker and many more including some high-value, high-payout progressive slots that gives you the chance for even bigger wins.

Like all the other online gaming sites, Pinnacle offers you a 24-hour customer support by email or telephone so you can get assistance as and when you need it. They also offer a wide variety of payment methods to suit everybody’s needs. Overall the site is highly user-friendly, lightening fast and has so much to offer.

Once you get into the casino, you will notice how absolutely simple the interface is to navigate, and when you decide on your game of choice and click to play, you will see that the game is loaded up in seconds.

Both of these casinos sport about the same variety of games to play, and the speed to get in and get going make them vastly more enjoyable than those tedious sites where you wait ages just for games to download. The sheer fluidity of manoeuvring between the games is pleasantly like connecting a Playstation and switching game cartridges as when you please. Overall my experience at Pinnacle Casino was great and I’d feel very easy about going back to try again.

BetCris Casino
BetCris is also one of the most respected brands in Sports betting, and another industry giant with the full array of sports, casino, poker and a race book for the horse racing fanatics. But we’re here to look at their casino. As mentioned, it’s also one you don’t have to download software for, but just click and play. Having the ability to use the same login details across the whole site means you can do pretty much everything going back and forth, and the payouts are not too bad at BetCris either, with a whopping 98-percent payout level.

The site is a bit more sophisticated than Pinnacle Casino, with a live help support feature, and it does look more like the more mainstream online casinos in the Microgaming and Playtech portfolio, but this is not a contest of looks, nor do only looks matter when it comes to satisfaction of gameplay. We are here to find out whose software generates the fastest possible gaming.

Like Pinnacle, BetCris Casino also lacks variety when it comes to slots games, table games and other casino entertainments, but again what they lack in variety they make up for in speed of play and connectivity. Once you get into the casino, and choose your game of choice, the process from click to play is immensely fast in its own right. In fact, to decide which casino wins the speed test, we had to sit with a stop watch and click in sync to the starter gun. The results on identical PCs can be found in our verdict below.

Other features of interest at BetCris Casino are that you’ll soon be able to play your games at their casino on the go through your cell phone. And a fantastic loyalty program gives you extra in return, every time you return. This is done through Betpoints, where the more you get, the more you get back, from T-shirts and sports caps to freeplay money. BetCris is definitely one worth your while.

Our fastest casino online was a close call—a really close call. Actually it came down to a mere 1.7 seconds, but in the end, there can only be one winner, and this time around, the winner is Pinnacle Casino. It was a photo finish, though, with a mind-boggling 2.1 seconds to click and play.
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