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Frightmare Jackpot Slots

Zone of the Zombies
Leading off CryptoLogic’s “Frightmare Jackpot Slots” series is the bone-chilling Zone of the Zombies, which casts you in the role of a brawny hero battling the armies of the undead. Play as many as 25 lines at a time with a bet range of 1¢ to $500. The game’s icons are inspired by the zombie-themed horror movies that have delighted and terrified us over the years: spin the reels and you’ll see eyeballs, severed limbs, and bloody chainsaws, which the Hero wields in animated sequences to slash his way through zombie foes. Trigger the Monster Jackpot, and you’ll be jolted out of your seat by a zombie trying to claw its way through the screen—but relieved when you see the bonus amount you’ve been awarded. Or, earn your way into the Bonus Round, which transports you to an abandoned police station where the shotgun-wielding Hero blasts zombies to reveal random prize amounts.

Witches and Warlocks
Players are sure to be spellbound by Witches and Warlocks, a scarily entertaining game that features up to 25 lines of play and a variety of different jackpots. Your bet per spin can range from 1¢ to $500 as you line up black cats, bubbling cauldrons, broomsticks and potions—or powerful warlocks who spring to life onscreen and cast spells. Score a Monster Jackpot and a shocking animated ghoul rises from beyond the grave—as your bankroll is boosted by an instant cash prize. Other lucky spins can send you into the Bonus Round, where your courage will be rewarded with cash prizes!

Vampire Bats
Vampire Bats are another spine-tingling entry in Cryptologic’s suite of “Frightmare Jackpot Slots” games. In this spooky adventure, you’re cast in the role of a fearless vampire hunter. Spin the reels and the icons show all the tools of your trade—crucifixes, holy water, garlic and wooden stakes—as well as vicious vampires who bare their bloody fangs in bone-chilling animated sequences. You can win random Frightmare Jackpots—which are accompanied by ferocious monsters leaping to life—or trigger the Bonus Round, which awards free spins with two of the reels converted into wild symbols and more opportunities to rack up cash. This action-packed slot enables you to play up to 25 lines at time, for as little as 1¢ or as much as $500.

Adult Slots

Thunder from Down Under
The red-hot Australian revue Thunder from Down Under, which showcases a band of hard-bodied male dancers in all their glory, has now made its way to the online slot arena in a sexy new game from Cryptologic. Place your bet (from 1¢ to $20 per line) and spin up to 25 lines at a time. Line up the dancer symbols, and you’ll be treated to video sequences in which they flaunt their assets to pulse-pounding rhythms—or plunge into the Bonus Round, where you’ll win free spins with the prize amounts doubled!

Mystique Club
Mystique Club is a thrilling slot game with an erotic edge, featuring an array of scantily-clad female models. Line up the symbols—which include actual models and “Champagne Girl” scatter symbols—and you’ll get to view video footage of these exotic beauties, set to sultry music. Get even luckier and you’ll enter the Bonus Round, which awards you up to 15 free spins where the prize amounts can be as high as six times their normal payable value! Mystique Club features up to nine lines of sexy, playful fun, with per line wagers ranging from 1¢ to $10.


Silver Star
Silver Star transports you back to the days of the Wild West, where you’ll dispense frontier justice in the role of a heroic sheriff. Spin the reels to line up stage coaches, rattlesnakes, saloons and six shooters, as you hunt down the grizzled outlaws gracing “wanted” posters. Line up a series of sheriff’s stars and you’ll enter a high-stakes Bonus Round shooting gallery, where scoring a bull’s-eye on the mechanical ducks earns you additional cash prizes. With up to 25 lines of play and denominations ranging from 1¢ to $20 per line, this is a showdown you won’t want to miss.

Thai Sunrise
Take a virtual visit to the “Land of Smiles” in the new game Thai Sunrise, inspired by the exotic sights and sounds of Thailand. This colorful game features up to 25 lines of play and bet sizes ranging from 1¢ to $20 per line, as you attempt to line up icons that show Buddha statues, lotus flowers, “Tuk Tuk” buses, and smiling Thai beauties. Soothing music, dazzling colors and clever animation make Thai Sunrise a one-of-a-kind winner, while the Bonus Round offers free spins and chances to rack up more free cash.

Time Machine
Travel back through history in the new slot game Time Machine, which boasts up to 25 lines of adventure with bets as low as 1¢, or as high as $500 per spin. With the click of a button you’ll spin colorful reels adorned with pictures of medieval knights, prehistoric dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, and more. Dazzling sound effects and animated icons enrich the experience; with any luck, you’ll line up the Time Machine icons and get to explore the heart-pounding Bonus Round, where you’ll be rewarded with free spins and plenty of chances to win big.

Caesars Salad
The lighthearted slot game Caesars Salad, set in the days of ancient Rome, is packed with entertaining music, crisp animation and chances to amass your own empire through fabulous win combinations. Spin up to 25 lines at a time and match Roman soldiers, lions, wine goblets, grapes, chariots and other symbols that harken back to the days of Caesar. Connect a series of fair maidens across multiple lines and you’ll enter the Bonus Round, where the free spins offer you the chance to win triple the normal prize amount! Play for as little as 1¢ as spin, or as much as $250. Caesars Salad combines colorful entertainment with high-stakes action.

Marvel Jackpot Slots

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider leaps from the pages of Marvel Comics to the online slot world in this pulse-pounding new title from Cryptologic. Fans of the comic book will already know the storyline: stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze has surrendered his soul to become the ultimate crime-fighting vigilante, armed with a flaming motorcycle and an array of hell-blazing weapons. Play up to 25 lines (with bets ranging from 1¢ to $5 per line) in your quest to line up flaming Ghost Rider skulls, which light up the screen in demonic animated sequences. The game boasts a sophisticated 3-round Bonus Feature, in which Ghost Rider drives through an auto scrap yard and comes upon cars in which innocent civilians are trapped. Select a car, and then use your trusty bullwhip to free the person trapped inside—which also triggers a bonus prize amount. Best of all, this game features the chance to win several random jackpots: the $50 Hero Jackpot, the $500 Super Hero Jackpot, and the whopping $5,000 Marvel Hero Jackpot. Remember that those are the starting amounts for the now famous three-level jackpot. They keep increasing until they’re won!

Yet another classic Marvel Comics hero, the unstoppable assassin Elektra, now has her own slot game. Inspired by Elektra’s back story—which is familiar to millions of comic book fans and those who saw the blockbuster Hollywood movie based on her character—this game includes exotic Oriental music and reels featuring Asian symbols, as well as her signature throwing stars and nemesis Bull’s-eye. On any given spin—with no matching symbols required—you can win one of the Marvel Jackpots that start with the following values: $50 Hero Jackpot, the $500 Super Hero Jackpot, or the incredible $5,000 Marvel Hero Jackpot. (The larger your bet, the greater your chances of winning one of these instant prizes.) This game also features a thrilling, video game-style Bonus Round, in which Elektra faces off with an army of enemy ninjas in a dark alleyway. Use your throwing stars to cut them down; each enemy you strike yields an instant cash prize.

Iron Man
According to Marvel Comics folklore, a troubled billionaire named Tony Stark, after suffering a life-threatening accident, created a super-powered suit to assist and protect him. Realizing his newfound powers could be used to fight crime, he became the superhero known as Iron Man. This new game from Cryptologic enables you to take command of this legendary hero, and unleash his powers in amazing animated sequences. Activate the Bonus Round by lining up the right symbols, and you’ll see Iron Man hovering outside a skyscraper; behind each of the building’s windows lies a safe containing a bonus amount. Select a window, and Iron Man uses his powers to shatter it and claim a prize. You can choose to play up to 25 lines at a time, and wager as little as 1¢ or as much as $125 per spin. The more you bet, the greater your chances of winning a random $5,000 Marvel Jackpot.

Cubis ‘The Slot Game’
With its highly successful title Bejeweled, Cryptologic took one of the most popular online strategy games and turned into a thrilling slot game. Now they’ve done it again with Cubis, which features a three-dimensional board where colored cubes slide down and stack up to create winning combinations. With up to 15 lines of play, Cubis enables you to win up to 50,000 coins per game round and boasts “dice multipliers” which increase payouts. This visually dazzling game, which starts in a vibrant underwater setting, invites you to play for between 1¢ and $20 per line.

Bonus Video Poker 50 & 100 Hand Variations
You no longer need to visit your nearest casino to enjoy a great game of Video Poker. Cryptologic has unveiled a new suite of cutting-edge Bonus Video Poker games, with variations including Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, All American, Double Bonus and Super Jackpots. Each of these games offers either 50 or 100 hands of play, with crisp animation and sound effects making your pursuit of the Royal Flush a fun, rewarding experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Cryptologic has also increased the Joker Poker paytable for all Video Poker and Bonus Video Poker variants. From 1 hand to 100 hands, Joker Poker now pays more at Cryptologic!

Joker Poker
Video Poker puts the player’s destiny into their own hands. Keep three to a royal, or the pair instead? Go for the flush or the straight? Or both!?! Joker Poker is one of the most popular video poker game variants with a 53 card deck which is the standard 52 card deck plus one Joker. The wild Joker means that bigger hands happen more often and Joker Poker has a new paytable that adds almost 1% to the return to player. Joker Poker is available in traditional and Crypto’s own ‘Bonus’ Video Poker varieties.
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