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iFaFa is Asia’s newest good fortune to hit online gambling

It’s getting more and more difficult to find a unique, validated angle in the online gambling market to draw punters en masse, whether you’re in Europe, Asia or North America. But a relative newcomer, iFaFa Holdings Limited, based in Manila, Philippines, has taken interactive gaming to a whole new level, and people all over the world are getting in on the live action.

iFaFa, at, is positioned to be the largest live online gaming room featuring live casino dealers via online video. With no expense spared, it combines broadcasting-quality online video with baccarat, the fastest-rising casino game, and delivers one of the most exciting gaming rooms on the web.

Although considered an exclusive high-roller game, baccarat is no longer limited to VIP rooms in land-based casinos. And the new breed of online baccarat players can play real-time casino-stakes baccarat in the comfort of their homes and surpasses virtual reality or cutting-edge graphics with live tables and dealers. After all, there’s nothing like the real thing.

What’s in a Name
iFaFa is derived from one of the most important cards (Fa) in Mahjong. The term Fafa annotates ‘Fatchoy’ which is a word associated with good luck, good fortune and wealth. ‘I’ means both ‘love’ in Chinese and represents ‘internet/interactive’ in the West. iFaFa has its own proprietary live baccarat gaming software and owns and manages a state-of-the-art, 24-hour live gaming studio and operations centre in the Philippines. There’s also a 24-hour multilingual call centre to support its extensive Asia-focused marketing and customer service programs. The iFaFa Brand has great relevance in the Asian marketplace and continues to provide a unique and fresh name in non-Asian markets.

iFaFa, an Isle of Man registered company, has received strong support from a number of London-based institutions including Deutsche Bank and Noble Group and are exploring various opportunities in developing strategic alliances with UK-based gaming corporations. First and foremost on the table is developing a long-term business for the highly lucrative Asian markets. Second only to the US, China currently has over 123 million internet users with only 9.4-percent penetration. Furthermore, the Asian punter, on average, plays more heavily, frequently and longer than his Western counterpart. This makes Asia the most sought-after market in the gaming industry.

Case in point: Macao, China’s only city where gambling is legal, has just edged Las Vegas as the largest earning gaming centre in the world. Its gaming turnover in the first nine months of last year increased 15 percent to 39.25 billion patacas (£2.6 billion), against Las Vegas’ 39.23 billion patacas (£2.5 billion), the Macao Daily News reported. And 2005 gross revenue was about 44.6 billion patacas (£2.8 billion), an 11.2 percent increase since 2004.

Increasing its momentum is the interest of Western investors like MGM, Las Vegas Sands and Steve Wynn, who opened the Wynn Resort and Casino there last September.

People Make the Difference
With those kinds of statistics, penetrating the unique Asian market is a challenge. But iFaFa has pooled together a combination of knowledge, skills and resources to meet the challenges of the Asian online gambling industry and successfully launched its live baccarat site last September, integrating some of the best payment solutions providers like Click2Pay, Neteller and 1Pay. In fact, evaluating Asia’s top 10 most promising potentials in online gaming, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone close to meeting the credentials and Asia-focused gaming and marketing backgrounds than the iFaFa team. The main driving force behind iFaFa is its president, Mr. Hwa-Min Hsu, who gave up a successful career as a lawyer to spearhead the company. A man of the highest integrity, he was awarded the MBE for his legal work for the British government and he is a member of both the Taiwanese and New York Bar.

Members of the management group have varied complementary backgrounds, which collectively create a team that can draw skills and competencies from fields such as law, finance, management, IT and marketing. The comprehensive range of skills and a wealth of experience from various fields ensure this management group is highly capable of operating iFaFa effectively with a drive to serve the interests of both the customers and the investors of this organisation. With such leadership, the iFaFa team has the potential to create one of the most exciting stories in Asian gaming.

Supply and Demand
iFaFa believes live gaming has limitless potential, but many Asians still lack confidence in graphics software and feel more comfortable when they can see a live dealer online. iFaFa is very conscious of this and in addition to multiple languages, they will soon offer highly-customised gaming products for specific markets including specific customs, traditions and market preferences, all of which make a customer’s experience more personalised. The same will be applied to the UK, European and other world markets.

Even though iFaFa has launched its live baccarat products, future development plans include four key online gaming options: casino games, sports betting, poker and mahjong. Specific focus will be given to live casino games, sports betting and especially baccarat, which are the most popular in the Asian and world marketplace.

iFaFa has the potential of phenomenal growth with such ambitious plans in the works and, therefore, is a frontrunner to open the gates of the vast Asian markets. The fact that iFaFa will soon be listed on the London Stock Exchange will solidify its presence as a unique and established gaming company that will provide tremendous excitement, confidence and peace of mind to its worldwide customers.
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