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Extreme Poker Christmas

Those are three words you never thought you’d see together. But leave it to the guys at InterPoker to keep pushing the limits. As you saw on page 16 in this issue, those in the InterPoker think tank aren’t afraid of heights and, in this case, depths. And as the year comes to a close, all the stops are being pulled out to leave Santa to reconsider his “naughty and nice” criteria.

Capitalizing on the success of last year’s bizarre Deep Water Series of Poker (DWSOP) in St. Kitts during the Caribbean Poker Classic, contestants in this year’s Extreme Poker Final will, once again, go over the gunwale for some hot action in balmy water. Last year, players were eliminated if they ran out of chips, air, or had to surface. What a way to go. But always pushing the limits, InterPoker says that this year will even outdo last year, which will be the first multi-table Extreme event.

InterPoker decided that it was time again to find out who the greatest underwater poker player in the world is. Players battling for the title include pros Pete “The Beat” Giordano, Jordan Morgan, and July’s Loser’s Leap winner Nick “Stoxtrader” Grudzien.

The weight belts will be fastened and tanks topped up and ready to go on November 28. InterPoker players have also been playing in satellites throughout October to try to qualify for this life aquatic tournament, which will be covered worldwide.

In addition to the Extreme series, which also included the Sub Zero tournament on a Finnish glacier last March, InterPoker is also closing out the year with its 12 days of Christmas: 12 days and 12 promotions to bring in some bonus holiday cheer. A few of the highlights include $300,000 Guaranteed Christmas Cracker, $5,000 prize draw, $5,000 Free-roll and iPod giveaways.

There’s no better time to go out with a bang, especially as this year marks InterPoker’s 10-year anniversary. Remember way back then? When the internet still seemed like a gift from the future? Well, InterPoker was way ahead of its time then and 10 years on is the proven leader in the online poker arena. Go to to get your own slice of the action.
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