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At a mid-September gala awards banquet in London, one of the world’s oldest gambling websites was honored as one of the first to offer real-money gambling for mobile phones and PDAs., which just celebrated its eighth anniversary online, launched its first mobile phone game last year and has been adding original new slot machines to its mobile gambling suite ever since. The company was one of five finalists in the “Best Gambling Company” category of the inaugural Mobile Entertainment Awards.

The first Mobile Entertainment (ME) Awards were produced by Mobile Entertainment Magazine to honor excellence among those who provide content for mobile devices. Other categories, such as Best Music Label and Best Video & TV Service Provider show that on the new mobile entertainment platform, content is king. was voted “Most Unique Slot Site” and “Best Progressive Jackpot Site” by Strictly Slots Magazine readers and was named “Best Web TV” in our very own Gambling Online Magazine reader’s choice awards last year.

Juniper Research estimates the current mobile gambling market to be worth approximately $315 million worldwide, and forecasts that the mobile gambling sector will be worth up to $16.6 billion by 2008. Experts also predict that by then more than 450 million wireless subscribers will be playing some form of mobile games, and that four out of five mobile users—200 million people in Western Europe and the US—will be playing internet games on their phones. The Asia-Pacific region currently hosts 70 million mobile gamers with wireless gaming revenues totalling $1.1 billion. itself, established in 1998, is renowned for its fairness, security and sincerity. Its progressive jackpot is currently won on average every six weeks and usually stands at over $100,000, making it one of the most frequently won jackpots on the internet. In 2005, the pioneering entertainment company introduced its first slot machine for the mobile phone/PDA platform. Since 2004, the company has proudly supported a Canadian curling team and sponsored amateur bowling tournaments across western Canada. And on top of everything else, helped build and continue to sponsor a school in rural southern Africa. Part of its New Chance for a New Generation project, ground broke in December last year in Juma, Malawi, and aims to provide a better outlook for the children there.

“Our players know what a big role luck plays in their lives,” said Hannah Morante of “Those that live in areas where we can enjoy the luxury of online entertainment should remember just how lucky we are. We feel good about sharing our prosperity with those less fortunate, and everyone that plays at can share in that good feeling.”

The New Chance for a New Generation project obtained support from local traditional authorities, who gave the project a vast piece of land for building a preschool and for growing enough maize and vegetables for the school kitchen.

Thanks to the hard work of local workers and organizers, and the generosity of, there is new hope for the children of a struggling African village.
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