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BroaderBand: Wirecard extends its scope of services

Wirecard, one of the leading European providers of electronic real-time payment systems with integrated risk management services, will extend the range of services of its alternative payment system, Click2Pay, to include virtual banking services.

This will enable Click2Pay customers, using their accounts, to additionally order an eMoney account in connection with a virtual Visa card from the group’s member company, Wire Card Bank AG. This will make more than two million Visa acceptance locations available to customers on the web, at which they can pay directly using Click2Pay.

“This step will enable Wirecard AG to consolidate the product and service portfolios of Click2Pay and Wirecard Bank AG as planned,” says Dr. Markus Braun, CEO of Wirecard. “We will gradually extend our range of services over the next several months, not only in order to make it safer for consumers to pay on the internet, but also to bridge the divide between virtual and point-of-sale payments.”

Registered Click2Pay users qualified for the service will then also be able to pay for products and services from internet retailers who do not have direct contractual relations and who lack the technical integration with Click2Pay.

Background Check

Click2Pay is actively engaged in 24 countries with more than one million registered users and has a global orientation with seven currencies and 11 languages. The program’s free-of-charge use, which is particularly friendly to consumers across a broad spectrum of budgets, facilitates simple and secure online payments and simultaneously provides a transparent account management service. With such an international reach and user-friendly experience, it’s no wonder there’s been a rapid surge in the number of users recorded in the past six months, particularly in the European and Asian markets.

Found in Translation

The successful development of Click2Pay confirms the consistent strategy of localization. The latest example of this trend is its Turkish-language version. Beyond multilingual functionalities, local currencies and payment methods were also integrated in the software. Click2Pay, with its “Think global/Act local” strategy, provides a large number of benefits both for merchants and consumers. It’s proving to be increasingly popular particularly among consumers who regularly order merchandise and services on the internet. More than 20 percent of registered consumers use Click2Pay more than three times a month.

“Today, customers are increasingly on the lookout for solutions that correspond to their personal needs in terms of languages and payment procedures,” continues Dr. Braun. “The speedy increase in Click2Pay user numbers confirms that our payment system is doing justice to meeting these requirements. Not only has Click2Pay set benchmarks with its multilingual functionalities, it also supports local payment methods. Accordingly, the solution also appeals to customers who do not have a credit card. We have the very best opportunities to establish ourselves worldwide as the strongest European provider on the growth market of alternative payment systems.”

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