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Tripping Through The Wires: Overcoming Hurdles

Over the years, the online gaming industry has seen its fair share of problems when it comes to transferring money back and forth between the players and their chosen gaming websites. You may be experiencing some of these problems with the websites you bet with today.

Payment system providers such as NetTeller (, FirePay ( and Ezybonds ( among many others have focused on finding solutions to these problems, and they’re ready and waiting to help you.

One of the most critical problems addressed by payment systems is the delay often associated with online transactions. Many providers offer real-time transaction processing, thereby allowing you to start betting and collecting your winnings more swiftly.

A Question of Trust

Ensuring the security of your personal banking and credit card information is another critical problem addressed by payment system providers.

Internet gamblers often worry about the security and confidentiality of their financial information, particularly where they have provided this information to a number of different gaming websites. Payment system providers allow you to centralize your trust in a single company, thereby giving you the confidence to register accounts with multiple websites offering different types of gaming, such as slots, poker and sportsbetting.

Since only the payment system provider has your financial information, you can spend less time worrying, and more time going about your business. You can even use your account on any non-gaming websites that accept your payment system.

Furthermore, being able to make other online purchases using the same payment system account can eliminate the hassles associated with numerous methods of payment.

For Your Own Protection

Another problem addressed by payment system providers is the security of the financial transaction itself.

Many payment system providers require you to enter a secure username and password to make deposits or withdrawals, on top of your existing username and password for your gaming website account. This added layer of security can help to protect you. Without having access to that second username and password in order to make financial transactions, anyone who has gained unauthorized access to your gaming account will be limited in how much damage they can do.

Finally, most payment system providers keep accurate electronic transaction records, and can provide you with detailed online statements that you can access anytime. This will allow both you and the payment system provider to quickly spot unusual or unauthorized activity in your account, and take necessary action to protect your money.

Getting the Bugs Out

As the industry grows, new problems and hurdles will surely surface. And as quickly as such problems arise, payment system providers are working to offer solutions to keep customers rest-assured.

Many of these providers are even anticipating the problems of tomorrow. An example of this forward thinking is Ezybonds’ capacity to allow you to transfer funds using emails and SMS text messages on your mobile telephone.

In the end, whether you’re aiming to solve your problems of today, or anticipate your problems of tomorrow, choosing the right payment system can be an important decision. But if you do your homework, and make an informed decision, you’re sure to stay ahead of the game.

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