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The Phantom Presence

Phantom Fiber is the leading developer of wireless platform software that delivers high-performance applications across global communications networks to mobile devices. Imagine multimedia content and the user experience of websites coming securely and instantly to your PDA or cell phone. To tell us more about wireless technology on the cutting edge, Phantom Fiber’s CEO Jeff Halloran details to GOM how the future of mobile gaming is here.

GOM: How is Phantom Fiber staying ahead of software companies developing their own mobile platforms?

Jeff Halloran: Phantom Fiber comes from the mobile/wireless space. We don’t produce games or content, or sportsbook applications, so our focus is producing the best wireless solution on the market and getting client functionality out to different devices, not what games will work or be popular. Harness that with one of the best technical teams assembled makes staying ahead not that hard.

What sets Phantom Fiber apart from other mobile gaming carriers?

Victor Chandler, Blue Square and Ladbrokes, for example, have slow interfaces that can only be downloaded to 5 percent of phones we support. It only works in the UK and the presentation and graphics aren’t that compelling. We have a global product with global reach, unprecedented speed, uncompromising security, exciting animated graphics, and the ability to play poker, casino and soft games, sports and horses all on the same platform.

Is the technology keeping up with demand?

I believe we are setting the expectations of the client. We’re about 40 percent through our vision on what this software is capable of. We’re introducing streaming video and we’re the only company with single-click install wizards to provide the most elegant download in the industry. The difficult part is educating the users with these features so they can take full advantage of the product.

Making the leap from PCs to mobile phones, is there added complexities in terms of security and ensuring the public it’s a secure means of gaming?

We don’t believe it’ll be as difficult as it was to get them to transact via the internet. If you’re willing to transact on the internet, it’s not that big of a stretch to transact wirelessly. By providing the same username/password combination, same graphics and navigation flow, account balance and payment-processing methods, it gives an immediate comfort level, but we must continually demonstrate our security models are the same as the internet.

The technical complexities, or more importantly hiding those complexities, is truly the art in the science. The PC developer takes screen size, keyboards, and a mouse for granted—we cannot. Data collection, screen size and presentation, navigation, storage space, processor speeds are all very different across these phones. So getting the right solution on the right phone at the right time is really what separates us from the pack.

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