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Online Pool:It's popular, its fun, and its big money online.

You don’t have to be a Fast Eddie to make serious money playing Pool; however you have to be connected to cyberspace. Every online Pool game has its own look, feel and features that enhance gameplay and user experience. To that extent it’s not easy to find the table that suits you best. Nevertheless, there are aspects to successful gameplay that cut across almost all online pool experiences.

Get to know some of the Pool sites out there, what kind of money and stake opportunities they offer and the types of players hitting the games. Most sites offering pool have lobbies where you can sit in on a game and watch the pros (or amateurs!) at work. Do your research and learn from others. Read all available instructions and look for little hints in news articles or even from the players themselves in the chat rooms!

Game Physics:
One of the most common, off-putting, aspects of online pool is poor game physics – balls that roll like limp snails and bounce off the sides with the dynamic of a cat hitting a wall. See and ask what players may think – or try things out for yourself – it’s pretty instinctive stuff. Good game physics translate directly into accurate play.

A good opening break can be paramount to winning an 8-ball pool game. A good pool table will allow you to sink at least one ball off a break and then clean up the table. It’s up to you to explore which sites allow this - some do and some don’t. Those that do offer an opening advantage, you can crack the nut through a combination of maximum power, top spin and finding the right angle.

All too often the use of spin is ignored as a winning tool. The key to becoming a hustler lies in mastery of spin – just like the real thing. Ignoring the winning variables that spin creates means you will lose in the long run – unless you like playing with the minnows. Spin is paramount for getting the cue ball into a useful position after the initial collision. Always think one shot ahead. The easiest shot isn't always the best shot.

Use all available tools:
Most decent online pool sites will assist you in your goal to hit accurate shots – for example, through the use of ‘hit’ or angle indicators. Use them, they give you a lot more options on a difficult shot than in real life – and an advantage you need when money is at stake.

Special tricks:
Each game will have its own quirks and winning shots – for example, with American-style pool, it is possible to pot the black off the break and it is a legal shot. You'll instantly win the game. Typically, you may have to repeat an exact break many times over several games to hit that winning shot.

It’s an old adage but it always rings true – practice makes perfect and any site worth its salt will offer free unlimited practice. Get it right and then hit the tables for some real money action.
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