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The Whole Nine Yards?

Watch out GoldenPalace! There's another online casinos site that might just be able to trump you in the 'doing weird stuff for publicity' stakes. recently offered Kate Moss $5 million to be their 'superspokesperson' and whilst she may have said 'Nein' (see what we did there?) to the offer, the online entertainment and gambling site's future is looking more upwardly mobile than that of Ms. Moss'.

And like's website, GOM is gonna break this review down into five easy to navigate sections:


Designed with the same layout as the home page and sports section, you should already feel nicely at home when you visit the casino section. And just like the sports section, you've got plenty of options to boost your bankroll or bust out. That is unless you want to play for fun, which newbies can do. However, we're pretty confident you seasoned gamblers will want to enter the Blackjack Blowout $30,999 tournament that starts November 9th.

If blackjack's not your thing, then take your pick from roulette, baccarat, video poker, craps, you name it, they got it!


Wow! You have a lot of options for betting on sports. But the nicest touch is an 'articles' section, where you can read up on teams and opinions on where you should put your money, should you be unsure. Once you've read that, decide whether you want to lay a straight bet, a parlay, a future, a round robin, an if win push and many more. These bets can be made, not only the big four sports, but on CFL, WNBA and almost anything else you can put to acronym.

There is also a 'learn to play' section in the Sports area for those new to sports betting.


Not content with letting you squander all your money on a 'can't lose' shot, have decided to be cruel and let you suffer at the hands of the Poker Gods! You've just got to decide how? Sit and Go your favorite? No problem, just download the ubiquitous software, deposit some cash and sit and go, or stand, it's really up to you.

If you've got the stamina to outlast the pack, maybe you favor a multi-table tournament, or even a multi-stage tournament. Tournaments are available for Texas Hold'em, naturally, but also for Omaha, 7 card-stud, Guts and Chinese Poker.


The skill games section offers so many games you'd be here until next week if we decided to list them all. Thankfully, the games splash page offers you a top three 'hot games' link, should you be like a kid in a candy shop and not be able to make your mind up.

At time of going to press, the top three included ere Bejeweled, Zuma and Solitaire, which gives you a flavor of whats available. For sports fans, they offer a game called QB, which is the spitting image of the Madden QB passing boot camp on the video game - a very cool touch.


We've saved the best for last. Let's just say we love this section. Hmm, why could that be? Because it's the girls section of course! But it's the many, many photos of Nine girls hitting the beaches of Cali, hanging out in Las Vegas and partying in Costa Rica that reminds us what life is really about. You won't pick up any gambling tips here, but its still worth a visit.

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