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Dreaming of that World Series win? Here’s some cool stuff that can help you on your way.

Wilson Turbo No Limit Texas Hold’Em.

The World Series of Poker is almost upon us and, if you’re anything like us, you’re already dreaming of a glorious win at poker’s Big Dance. However, if you’re one of the millions of newbies who have only recently caught the poker bug, your game probably needs a bit of fine-tuning before you’re ready to take on the world’s best. In which case – let’s be honest – you’ve missed the boat this year. But how about next year? It’s amazing what can be achieved in 12 months with sheer determination, hard work and some good advice.

There are hundreds of manuals out there, written by some of the biggest names around in poker, but when it comes down really improving your game, there’s no substitute for some hands-on professional tuition. That’s where poker tuition software comes in, and Wilson’s Turbo No Limit Texas Hold’Em software is about as close as you can get to practical tuition from a real pro.

It’ll tell you all you need to know about betting strategies, bluffing strategies, assessing odds, calculating outs and much, much more. You can play against any of 92 fully configurable opponents, each with their own individual characteristics. Throughout the game, you can call up a professional advisor screen, which gives you detailed information about your position in the game and the next best strategy to adopt.

You can (if you choose) peek at the winner’s hole cards to figure out where you went wrong. So no more agonizing about whether you made a good laydown or were bluffed out of the pot.

There are plenty of charts and graphs that evaluate your overall play, showing data about your game what you can do to optimize your play.

While Turbo allows you to practise and improve your tournament and cash game skills, Wilson also offers Tournament Texas Hold’Em, which focuses on the timing and money management skills needed for expert tournament play.

This is a real constructive and efficient way to take your game to the top. See you at the final table in 2006!

Pokies Poker Academy.

The software behind Poki’s Poker Academy is like nothing else out there. It’s the product of years of research by the University of Alberta and is the most sophisticated artificial intelligence available for Texas Hold’em poker. The Poki software uses complex machine learning algorithms, advanced statistical modeling, neural networking, and pre-eminent understanding of game theory. This allows it to exploit patterns in opponents' play – it is sensitive to the possibility of a bluff and will adapt its play depending on the style of player it is up against.

Play for fun or get Pokie to teach you some of his secrets; this is almost scary in a Space Odyssey kind of way. Pokie is soon to be adapted for PS2 in a new video game called Stacked, to be promoted by some of the biggest names in poker. Help he’s taking over the world!

Saitek No Limit Texas Hold’em .

We’re all playing poker these days; millions are glued to their computer monitors or have been wedged into that seat in the casino so long they’re in danger of picking up deep vein thrombosis. But what about those tedious moments when you have to do ‘other things’. Never fear, because thanks to Saitek’s electronic hand-held No Limit Texas Hold’em game, you can now play the world’s fastest growing sport in the bath, at your local Chinese restaurant or while running for a bus.

Okay, maybe so there’s no ‘gamble’ involved; you’re playing against the computer for worthless electronic chips, but it’s an ideal way to practise your skills for when you might need them. The A.I. is pretty smart – opponents exhibit various characteristics ranging from maniacal play, to easily bluffable timidity. There are two different difficulty levels and you can play four handed or head-to-head. This won’t replace your favorite online poker site, but it’s an ideal way for the newbie to learn the game or to keep the poker nut happy away from the table.

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