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What's his Secret?

A gambler who never loses his Mojo. NEVER!

“I always win.”

He said it, but I wasn’t sure I’d heard him right.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you? Every time can not be possible,” I said to my friend Robb as he was driving us to the casino.

“Always,” he assured me.

We stopped talking for a bit and while I listened to the wind soar by outside the car, I tried to imagine how anyone could always win. I mean, it would be nice, but is it really possible?

Did Robb have some magic potion or superstitious routine? Did he scout the room for the lose slots, or only play the games where the gambler has the largest edge? How could anyone win every time?

“Can I know what your secret is?” I asked.

“Secret?” Robb said.

“Your secret to winning every time,” I said.

I listened intently to his entertaining stories, hoping to learn his trick to winning. He talked of large jackpots, being comped suites as a high-roller, and frequent trips to casinos where staff know him by name.

“Is that how you win? You play at the same places and spend large so you win big?” I asked.

“No, not always. Sometimes I play nickel slots. I play it all,” he told me.

Yes, luck he had, and gambling he liked, but I was still waiting to hear how he did it. How did he win every time he’d gamble?

We were at the casino doors by 9 p.m. and soon went our separate ways to play.

It was over an hour before I saw him again.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’ve doubled my money, so I’m doing fine,” I told him.

“I’ll leave you then since you’re doing good. I won on some slots, then lost $60 at the tables. I’m going to go win back that $60 and more,” he said with complete confidence.

While I played a while longer, I wondered if he was winning or losing. My money in the machine had gone down below my original investment. After I decided to lose it all, or win big I clicked max bet and waited. Bonus Round was flashing, and I had the max in. The machine kept winning at a steady pace, so I brought it back to double my investment and cashed out so I could go look for Robb.

There was a chance I could catch him at his winning moment and possibly pick

up some techniques to always win; that or have some of his magic rub off on me.

While I looked around, I wondered if he seriously wins as much as he says, especially since he had lost at the tables. Twice around the casino floor and I was still searching. Tired of walking, I decided to sit and play a while. Not long after sitting, an arm reached around me. It was Robb, showing me $120 he’d just won.

“I told you I’d win that $60 back, and more,” he said through a huge smile.

“How? How do you do that?” I asked yet again.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Robb said, his shoulders raised in a mild shrug.

“Everyone gets ahead at some point in the evening. It’s what you do when you’re ahead that makes the difference,” he’d said.

Was that it? Did I find my answer? No magic or superstitions involved. No game of choice or betting the higher odds? Robb would simply play any of the games and stay until he was ahead. Was that his secret? It appeared to be.

So that’s how he always wins. Stopping while he’s ahead. That, and somewhere in his personality I’m positive I sensed a hint of mojo.

By Jan Bobbitt Clifton
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