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Polls Apart.

It’s no secret that are the leaders of the thriving online poker industry - and the readers know this. What’s interesting though, is the amount of you ‘Combination’ voters - rather than remain loyal to one card room, you like to play the field a little, eh? 19.32% of you voted ‘Other’, i.e. you don’t play at the at the big name sites. Could this reflect a coming shift in dynamic, are we slowly moving away from the industry dominance of the top poker sites?

Where do you play poker?

Party Poker 15.94%

Poker Stars 9.18%

Bodog Poker 9.18%

Prima Poker 6.28%

Ultimate Bet 5.80%

Poker Room 5.31%

Paradise Poker 4.83%

InterPoker 2.90%

Other 19.32%

A Combination 21.6%

Hmm… beer! A light hoppy refreshment is vital to the full appreciation of a bowl game, and it seems that the sportsbettor’s favorite is Sam Adams, drop-kicking Bud out of the picture by over 10%.

Which beer is best for bowl games?

Sam Adams 32.53%

Budweiser 21.69%

Corona 15.66%

Heineken 11.25%

Corrs 6.63%

Rolling Rock 5.42%

Michelob 4.82%

Bush 1.81%

Microgaming helped to kick-start the online gaming industry, so it’s great to see them still topping the polls after all these years. Kudos to Crypto too!

Favorite Casino software?

Microgaming 38.40%

Cryptologic 20.95%

Real Time Gaming 18.58%

Playtech 16.78%

Chartwell 0.79%

Good to see you guys are using gambling portals to get the most out of your gaming experiences; we find they know the best places to go. If you haven’t tried the new breed of gambling search engine yet, like, we suggest you give them a try. They really separate the wheat from the chaff, with quality, relevant search results.

Where do you find new casinos?

Gambling Portals 21.48%

Gambling search engines 19.40%

Google and Yahoo 16.40%

Magazine advertising 3.39%

A Combination 38.80%

I watch televised poker…

It seems that most of you like to tune in to TV poker a couple of times a week, which is reasonable, but uncommitted compared to the 13.38% of you who stay in to watch it every night!

Less than three times a week 30.31%

Less than once a month 24.03%

Every Night 13.39%

Less than once a week 12.20%

Never 20.08%

To take part in the GOM polls visit and cast your vote on the hottest topics. Recent poll results have allowed us to build up an accurate profile of our readership: the average GOM reader, it seems, is a PartyPoker playing, Microgaming loving, Sam Adams quaffing, TV poker addict.

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