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Mac vs. PC

Which OS to Invest in for Gambling Online

Not all casinos offer Mac users a chanced to join in the downloadable casino fun (at least not in their native OS). So most of the time, Mac maniacs play browser-based games in either Flash or Shockwave. But does that mean that the Mac is a less capable machine for the online gambler? No chance says Apple.

In fact, the Macintosh has gained a reputation as the superior graphics platform. As any graphic designer will tell you, animations are smoother on the Mac than in Windows, and big visual applications are more stable. So intuitively it would seem that serious online gamblers should head to the nearest Apple store to get the most from their online casino.

Well - Not Exactly

There is a flaw in that logic. It assumes that online casino games push the boundaries of your PC’s graphics capabilities. This is hardly the case. In fact, most casino providers build their games for the lowest spec machine they envision being used with their casino. If you have a P4 and 256 RAM, a common spec even in budget PCs these days, you’ll have way more horsepower than your casino requires…that is of course assuming that your graphics card is capable, and 99% are.


In the Mac vs. PC debate, the assumption that the Mac beats the PC in graphical ability is sound. However, since the average online casino isn’t going to push the envelope of your machine’s graphics capabilities, PC and Mac perform neck and neck during casino game play.

If you are going to buy a new machine just for playing online casino games, PC will offer you more choices of native platform software. But if you own a Mac and you want it to expand your gaming options, a simple PC emulation package like Virtual PC will open your machine to the multitude of PC format downloadable software.

Whatever system you prefer, PC or Mac, you can enjoy casino gaming, sports betting, poker play and bingo on the net. REMEMBER: More important than your operating system is a nice big monitor and a fast Internet connection.
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