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New Online Bingo Game

There’s a new bingo game on the Online Bingo block. A new bingo game? How can that be? Bingo is, well, bingo isn’t it? Well ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Let me explain:

There are actually two types of bingo played around the world: North America plays 75-ball bingo on a 5x5 card with the centre square usually 'free'. The cards have the letters B I N G O above each vertical column, and numbers drawn are announced by their letter and number eg B6, I20, N43 etc. The B line contains numbers 1-15, the I line contains numbers from 16-30, the N line contains numbers 31-45, the G line contains numbers from 46-60 and the O line contains numbers 61-75.

However, in the UK, parts of Europe, Australia and parts of South America they play a 90-ball game, marked on a 9x3 card. It is this game that is starting to appear on a number of bingo sites in the online world. It might look a little odd at first, but once you play; you’ll love it. Here is how to play:

Each card has three horizontal lines and nine columns. Each line contains five numbers, meaning each card has 15 numbers. The first column contains numbers from 1 -10, the second column contains numbers from 11-20, all the way through to the final column which contains numbers from 81-90.

A game of 90 ball bingo will normally be played across three prizes; one line, two lines and Full House. In a 'one line' game, players need to mark a complete horizontal line across one ticket (i.e. 5 numbers marked). The aim of a 'Two lines' game is to complete any two marked lines horizontally across one ticket (i.e. 10 numbers marked). Finally a ‘Full House’ means all the numbers marked off on one ticket (all 15 numbers), as in a regular coverall game. The Full House is always the largest prize in any one game.

The best place to find out about this ‘new’ variety of bingo is to take a look at the newly launched UK site (sister site to The UK version of Which Bingo features all of the sites that offer 90 ball bingo and is currently adding new sites all the time as the offering spreads across the net.
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