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You can bet on a F-1 race, read the daily stock car news, or learn what all the weird betting terms mean at

If you click around you will get to know everything you would want to know about betting on stock car racing. Except of course, who will win. is the Internet’s first motor sport pari-mutuel wagering site, it was established in February and since then has developed a comprehensive pari-mutual betting pool that lets players wager on Formula One, NASCAR, IRL and CART races.

Betting is open virtually around the clock, between 4am and 3am Monday to Saturday. It is open Sundays 4am to – when the race begins.’s real-time service can take your wagers right up to the time that the green flag is dropped. So if you are looking for a dynamic line defined by supply and demand, then should be in your bookmarks.

A bettor can wager anything from $2 to $250, or its equivalent in foreign currency. does foreign currency conversions for you in real time.

There is also a FAQ section, including: What do I do if you get disconnected during a race? “You need not panic. The exact state of your game will have been saved and will be restored when you re-establish your connection and restart the casino. You can then continue exactly from where you left off” as the site explains.

Gaming requires that funds be deposited prior to wagering. Unfortunately there is no betting for fun, but the real-money version of takes only two minutes to download. A whirl around a virtual racetrack could be a nice feature for site browsers, but until then visitors will need to entertain themselves with the vast array of knowledge and information that the site provides-for free.

One of the most useful tid-bits of trivia on the site describes the different types of wagers available in pari-mutuel pool betting. Though a new bettor may have to go further on into the ‘Glossary of Terms’ page to find out what pari-mutuel means. (‘Pari-mutuel is a French term meaning common pool. It refers to a wagering system in which players bet against each other to win funds from their pooled wagers. Money wagered, minus commissions and other fees, is divided amongst those who win. Thus, it is a system where the losers pay the winners.)

The most helpful site innovation for trend seekers is the past results database. You can scour the database through searches by driver, year, division and race. This feature is generously available to all visitors, even if they have not signed up as a member.

The website suggests using Visa, Mastercard, or an existing Paypal account as your primary source of payment. All money transactions are conducted using the third party organisation EFS international. They ensure a secure gateway by sending coded messages that only the intended recipient can decode, and vice-versa.

The site has 24/7 technical support services and an abundantly adequate FAQ section. The site navigation is easy once you find your login page and signup is hassle free. We tested the tech support team at the site and found them to be prompt and informative. However, it would have been nice to talk to a live agent rather than resorting to email, but in the end the answers are all that matter.

When you’ve surfed you begin to recognise that this site was made for the pure motor sports enthusiast. They have a betting system where people that know about racing get to participate in a pari-mutuel style environment dedicated to and ideal for their sport.
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