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Dear GOM

Q. Dear GOM,

Can Online Gambling be legalized across Europe by European Union Mandate?

-Raymond Bridge, United kingdom

A. Good Question Raymond, The truth is that the answer is not necessarily in black and white. In theory the European Union can indeed pass legislation that would legalize online gambling based on certain provisions in the treaty of Rome that specifically address free trade across Europe. But there are also EU provisions that allow a country to block the trade of specific goods into that country if the country claims that it is doing so in the interest of its citizens. What that boils down to is a situation where the EU could legalize online gambling, but certain countries within the EU could opt to ban online gambling in their jurisdictions.

Q. Dear GOM,

I have been offered an opportunity to open an online casino for as little as $10,000. I would own the casino and all the rights associated with it. The company selling me the casino would get 50% of the profit and do all the work. Is this a good deal?

-Name Withheld

If something looks too good to be true it usually is. Many sites promise to make you rich for doing absolutely nothing besides sending them some money. Many are scams, and some are real. I would recommend demanding a list of existing clients and then question them, rather than the salesman trying to sell you the casino.

Also, you’ve mentioned that you’ll have to do absolutely nothing once you’ve sent your $10,000. In reality you will probably need to do all of the marketing to get players to your site. Marketing is one of the biggest budgets for any online casino and you better be sure you have a good marketing plan before you give it a try.

Q. I have a Website based in Spain which does involve gambling clubs and casinos along with sports and a section on the local horse racing track. I am

interested to advertise Casino sites to earn extra income. Could you help me and let me know the best way to go about this. Is there a way you can earn fixed rates rather than commissions? Who are the best sites to approach? Thanking you in advance. Regards Adrian.
P.S. Keep up the good work at the mag!! I am a very keen follower..

A. Dear Adrian,

The first thing to do is to check with your local authority to see if Spanish sites can offer online casino advertisements. If they can, then you’ll want to get a list of online casinos from a site like onlinecasinonews. You can contact the casinos from the list and inquire as to how much the pay for advertising on sites like yours. Ask their media buyer how much the pay, CPM or CPC which stand for Cost per Thousand (CPM) and Cost per Click (CPC). CPM pays you for each banner displayed on your site and CPC pays you for each click one of those banners receives. A price of $45 CPM is around average, meaning that you’ll get $45 for every 1000 impressions you serve.
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