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StickySoft 6 7 8

Each year, players lose $33 billion in Internet and U.S. casinos, 64% of which is lost in slots and video poker. To hold on to much more of your money, most sharps recommend that you play blackjack as it’s the only game in the house that can give a smart player a true advantage. Based on an average bet of $25 per hand, playing four hours a day for four days, the typical player can expect to lose $800. Using “basic strategy” (making the correct playing decisions) would cut the expected loss down to only $100! Learning to “count” cards would result in an expected win of $400 (excluding casinos that shuffle the deck after each round).

A tool to help you learn and practice basic strategy and card counting is important if you want to hone your skills and drop bad habits. Books and self-learning can only take you so far, but blackjack simulation software provides you with a virtual tutor that will not only stear you in the right direction, but will wrap your knuckles when you do something foolish.

Blackjack 6 7 8 is a new blackjack tutorial program from Hal Marcus’ Stickysoft Corp. Not only will this software give you the standard lessons in the art of blackjack, but it offers features that are particularly appropriate for the internet gambler. For instance, to help you choose at which online casino to play, the “Player Advantage” module makes it easy to input rules of different casinos and see which one gives the best expected win rate. With online casino offering dozens of non-standard rule variations to their players, using this tool is perhaps as important as memorizing your basic blackjack strategy tables if you are gambling to win.

Blackjack 6 7 8 also provides different basic strategies to match the different casino rules. Additionally, the strategies can be printed, making them a quick reference while you play without needing to switch between browser windows. 6•7•8 also tracks playing and betting errors, which can be reviewed at any time.

The most obvious drawback to the Blackjack 6•7•8 is the lack of a simulation wizard that could walk you through the relevant sections of the program to help you choose the required parameters. But even without the luxury of a wizard, this blackjack tuition software is more applicable to online gaming and is easier to use than the competition.
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