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Casinos Need to be Communicating and Understanding

What women need doesn’t change whether you are talking about relationships, or what we expect from our retailers. We want responsiveness, consideration and to be valued as a paying customer. These expectations cross over to our online personas too. Just because we may choose to call ourselves DIVA23 or POWERGIRL19 in the chat rooms doesn’t mean we have given up our real-world expectations with our real-world identities.

Lets take a “for instance”. I was online last week and thought that my casino had mispaid a street bet on the roulette table. I called my casino’s customer service department only to be transferred from the receptionist to hold music. Disappointed, I hung up and opted to call back later in the day when I felt there would be less people online and ringing up. When I did call back I finally got through to a “real person”, but the telephone connection was so bad I nearly had to yell for the support person to hear me. Not only could I not get through to the casino when I needed them, but once I did, their third-world telephone system made it nearly impossible to talk. All examples of bad communication.

Eventually, I got my point across only to break pace once again by the support person’s annoying demand for an explanation of “why it was five hours after the fact that I decided to call the casino and complain?” Fuming by this point, I gave the poor guy on the other end of the crackling connection the romping of his life. His lack of compassion was not what I was willing to put up with after having tolerated the crack-crack and pop-pop of the telephone line cutting off my sentences.

This kind of service is not what I would tolerate in a department store or in a restaurant, why do I need to put up with it online? Here are some tips to avoid registering with a casino only to fid later that it’s a bad fit.

You don’t. You just need to make sure that you have found “The right fit” before you buy.

1-Never sign up to a casino until you have tested their customer service by calling in and asking intelligent questions.

2-Always choose a casino that offers toll-free technical support (incase you get stuck on hold)

3- Test the email support of your proposed casino. Sometimes non-time sensitive questions are better on a written record.

4-Make sure that support is offered in your native language

5-Check the FAQ section. If the casino doesn’t have one it may not consider customer support a priority.
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