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Games Women Like to Play

When Gambling Online Magazine asked me to write an article about women who like to gamble I thought to myself, “Finally, someone is recognizing the fact that over 50% of online gamblers are…..WOMEN!”

Actually, statistics tell us that 50.4% of online gamblers are female. Studies also tell us that women like to gamble online because of the privacy gambling from our homes affords. Besides that, women like can gamble online whenever the mood hits, without interfering with our busy schedules. Women today are busier than men; so between being boss, mom, wife and a role model to other women, time is a precious commodity.

An online environment also lets women “play for fun” before committing to a bet with real money. That helps a lot of women learn to play without the added pressure of their purses. We also get to play at our own pace, without having some obnoxious guy at the end of the table roll his eyes while we decide what we want to do.

Statistically, a woman’s favorite game is slots. Ladies love to spin the wheel. My personal favourite is Wheel of Fortune, which I have yet to find duplicated adequately online. Card games such as Blackjack and Poker are also high up in the lady’s lineup of preferred games.

To many men’s surprise, women like to bet on sports. They particularly prefer to bet sports with online sportsbooks. One European sportsbook operator reports that his book is made up of over 60 per cent women!

What this all boils down to is casinos needing to cater to and look after the women that gamble online. If you offer a complementary box of cigars to your winners, it’s not going to cut the mustard. A more feminine array of prizes would make 50% of your gamblers feel a lot more at home. Making women gamblers happy is making more than half your players happy- so lets do something for Lady Luck!
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