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The Germans Feel Good

InterCasino’s European Players turn out on tops on progressive card games

A spat of German speaking gamblers have made their name on the online gaming scene and have blown the English language players away with there progressive prowess. But these players aren’t relying on luck to nail the big slot progressives; their talent seems to lie in the cards and, as “Scouti” and “Kurt” have proven, cards can provide life-changing jackpots as well as spinning reels.

Swiss German businessman, Scouti, is an advantage blackjack player and, when InterCasino Deutschland launched progressive blackjack, he knew that good things lay ahead. “I always felt that I had a good chance to win at multi-player blackjack. I had just come back from an hour on an exercise bike and I had fifteen minutes before my next meeting. I thought I would play a few hands of blackjack to pass the time, I got to play just one hand before I hit the Jackpot!” explained Scouti. But what Scouti failed to mention in his interview was the value of his win. Scouti’s €160,438.36 ($198,599.30) progressive jackpot made him the biggest ever Swiss online jackpot winner.

But the German mastery of cards doesn’t stop at blackjack. Kurt, playing from his home in Germany, is a €158,067.93 ($195,646.71) Caribbean Stud progressive winner who knows that a royal flush spells MegaJackpot. Also winning his fortune at InterCasino Deutschland, Kurt’s exemplary Caribbean-Studliness proves that the Internet demolishes all barriers, as Caribbean Stud is one of the hardest-to-find games in terrestrial casinos in Germany.

As online progressive jackpots become integrated into traditionally non-progressive games, a new type of Mega Jackpot champion will begin gracing the sites of the net’s biggest casinos. National preferences for different casino games are catered for online by casinos like InterCasino, and their player’s appetite for these new progressives is ferocious. The Germans have mastered the card games, and the North Americans seem to have perfected slot play; so if you are reading this article in Iceland, Mongolia or anywhere else, my advice would be to focus on the progressive table games- surely they must be next.
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