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What A Switch

What a switch. While the atmosphere inside the plane was a comfortable constant, I could see the drastic difference in climate as the plane descended to land. There was no snow here. Quite a change from Chicago, where our flight had been delayed several hours due to a snow storm.

The plane jumped slightly as the landing gear met the ground. We were touching down in Vegas, with four days to play and thaw before heading home. And I planned on enjoying every minute of this vacation.

While wishing for some hot gaming action to go with the warmer weather, my thoughts drifted back home, where friends bundled up to walk anywhere outside of a building.

My wife brought my attention back to Vegas.

“Did you hear me?” she asked. “I said we have about 30 minutes to get our luggage and catch the next shuttle. Or, we can take our time and catch a later ride if you want.”

“We didn’t come here to wait for shuttles. Let’s hurry,” I said.

We walked quickly to baggage and were among the first from our flight to retrieve our suitcases. Next, it was out the door to meet our ride. When the warm Nevada breeze hit my face, I slowed down, savoring the sensation, grateful for the unfrozen desert.

“Hurry,” my wife said. “I want to get to the casinos and start having some fun.”

“I’m already enjoying myself. Can’t you tell?” I said, teasing her as I slowed my pace even more.

She smiled, and grabbed my free hand, pulling me so I’d speed up.

“I see that,” she said with a grin. “Hurry up so we can get there and I can start having some fun!”

“Ok, ok,” I said laughing as we started a slow jog.

It wasn’t far to the shuttle, and the ride was quick. In minutes we were outside the entrance to the resort where we were staying.

The building was magnificent; beautiful and fresh, with the faint call of casino noises beckoning visitors to enter. Through the doors the sounds were magnified, as if we had turned up the stereo. I could see by the look on my wife’s face that she was anxious to start gambling.

“Do you mind if I go play while you sign us in?” she asked while staring at the casino floor.

“Have a good time,” I told her.

Room keys and luggage in hand, I went to search for my wife. She was at a quarter slot machine near the tables, and she didn’t look happy.

“Have you had any luck?” I asked.

“No. This isn’t any fun,” she said through pouting lips.

I was about to ask if she’d like to go to our room when her machine hit a jackpot.

“Now that’s why we’re here,” she said as a smile grew on her face.

“I’d like to play longer if you don’t mind. Can you take our things up to the room and then come back?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said. “Have fun.”

The room was nice. I flipped through a few channels on the television and relaxed for a few minutes before going back to the casino floor.

Her smile had vanished.

“I started losing when you went to our room,” she explained. “That $200 jackpot I won is almost gone. I think it’s time to…”

She stopped talking mid-sentence as we watched her machine scream at us.

“I win nothing while you’re away. And look what happens when you’re near me!” she said. “Please, stay with me while I play so I can keep winning!”

The machine landed on quadruple sevens, center line, max coins in.

“It looks like you’re my lucky charm,” she said, grabbing my arm tight.

“Terrific. As long as you’re enjoying yourself,” I said.

“I am now,” she told me.
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