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Playing Systems: MicroGaming Progressives

If you enjoy playing slots, you should definitely play one that offers a progressive jackpot. If you’re lucky enough to hit one of these babies, you’ll be guaranteed the big bucks. This month we are looking at Microgaming’s line of progressives and have the inside scoop on how to break the bank at any one of their casinos.

When you play Microgaming’s progressive slots, all found at, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Firstly, it is important look remember that some slots are “looser” than others. These machines pay out more frequently and that is something an astute gambler should monitor. You need to strike a balance between games that pay big and games that pay often. Look at both the jackpot value and the percentage payout before you decide which game offers the best odds at making you rich.

TIP: The “Cash Splash” progressive seems to be a frequent payer and dominant headline grabber. Treasure Nile is also frequent payer, and has a history of $100,000+ wins.

On most Microgaming progressive games, you need to play “bet max” to qualify for the progressive. There is nothing worse than skimping on that extra coin when it cost you 100,000 coins. If you are economising and have a tight budget, remember that the random number generator that powers all Microgaming slots is set to be truly random, meaning that the slot machine doesn’t care if you deposit $1 or $1,000.

TIP: Microgaming slots are set to pay off in the high 90% range, which explains the 2000 winners in 2001.

Microgaming slots tend to grow rather quickly. In some instances the jackpots double over night. There are two schools of thought regarding when it is most opportune to bet, one myth one reality. The first follows the logic that if the pot is smaller you are effectively competing against less players. The second adheres to the ideology that if you are betting the same amount each pull, then the larger the jackpot the better the risk/reward ratio.

Which is fact and which is fiction? The fact remains that the bigger jackpots offer better risk/reward ratios to the player, and the odds of winning a big pot are always the same as winning a smaller one.
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