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Betting Deuces Wild for the Advantage

Since the decadence of the seventies the pace of life on earth has accelerated each time they drop the ball in time square and play the Rose Bowl on television. The “speed of light syndrome” is even more obvious today with the Internet, high speed cable modems and Pentium Processors. So as humanity demands things to be digitized, minimized and transistorized, its easy to see why its harder and harder to get casino guests mesmerized.

Starting the trend of digitized casino automation was the video poker machine, which, since their introduction in the 70s, has become a mainstay for casinos and an advantage bet for those who know how to play them.

Although there are several types of video poker games ranging from Jacks or Better to Tens Wild, the principle of the games are always the same. You can bet one or multiple coins, you are dealt five cards, you can hold any of your cards to make your hand, and then the machine pays you according to the value of your hand.

One of the best paying machines on the net and in the casino is the “Full Pay” Deuces Wild game which should return you a nifty 100.7% over time. Now that may not sound like much of an advantage, but it really is, especially compared with other video poker games that pay an average of 96%. So you can be sure that you are maximizing your edge sticking to Deuces.

You can recognize the game because it offers the following payout table.

Royal Flush 800
Four Deuces 200
Wild Royal Flush 25
5 of a Kind 15
Straight Flush 9
Four of a Kind 5
Full House 3
Flush 2
Straight 2
Three of a Kind 1

Notice that Deuces Wild seems to be heavily weighted towards the big payouts like Four Deuces and the Royal Flush with Pairs being useless. Indeed, if you are a Jacks or Better fan, the payout table will certainly look daunting, but it is important to remember that this game offers you better odds the Jacks or Better if you play correctly.

In general the rule is never to discard a deuce and to play for the highest odds/payout hand available. Without holding any deuces you should play three to a royal flush above four to a flush because the odds/payout ratio of the royal flush is better that that of four to a flush. Holding one deuce, play to three of a kind over a flush. But, if you have one deuce only, it is better to play three to a royal flush than it is to keep the deuce. Holding four deuces means its your lucky day, hold all of them and hope to complete your wild royal flush.

Full Deuces wild strategies are quite lengthy and a bit wieldy to learn, but if you do play correctly over the long run you’ll come out .7% ahead, and that is one of the best bets in the casino.
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