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Odd Bets

Celebrity Pregnancies

‘Propositional bettor’ is just another term for someone who will bet on anything. You’ve heard all those stories about the great Amarillo Slim wagering thousands on whether a fly would land on a certain cube of sugar, or whether thirty people chosen at random would produce two with the same birthday (according to Slim, they usually do, especially if, as in one case, he’d spotted identical twins sitting at the other side of the bar).

He would love, a pari-mutuel, or pool-betting, site that will allow you to speculate on just about anything you want. And the subject that’s caught everyone’s attention recently? Celebrity pregnancies, apparently. say they have been inundated with betting on whether J-Lo or Britney Spears will announce pregnancies in the next few months. Hmm, I wonder if this just a product of our celebrity obsessed society, or did they all hear something we didn’t?

Gay Abandon

The debate over gay marriages has sparked a political furore in America, and it now seems to have rocked the world of cartoon animation too. have created a betting frenzy over a (at the time of writing) forthcoming episode of the Simpsons which, according to the show’s creators, will feature a gay marriage. Fans of America’s favorite dysfunctional family have been speculating so wildely on the web as to the identity of the character, that immediately opened a book.

Fan Websites are running rampant with speculation that the mystery gay character could be any one of the animated sitcom stars," says Mike Foreman, spokesperson for the online casino "Online gambling is no longer focused solely on sports; entertainment wagers are gaining popularity among bettors," says Foreman. "The Simpsons craze is just one of many new betting options available to our players."

Currently, Patty is the favorite at 4/5, with Mr. Burns' sidekick, Smithers, second favorite at 4/1. We’ll have $10 on Chief Wiggum.

You Bet Your Life!

A UK senior citizen has been celebrating a £7,303 win, after betting on… himself. Centenarian Arthur Best wagered £109 ten years ago with bookmaker William Hill that he would reach the age of 100. Mr Best, who puts his longevity down to ‘eating plenty of fresh vegetables’ says he will give the money to his son and his family.

A spokesman for William Hill told the BBC that the odds in such cases depended on the individual. "It depends how the person that's asking is, and we can also access statistics to find out how likely it is that someone born in a certain year is to live to a hundred.”

So if you’re a fit and healthy nonagenarian, it might just be worth it to bet a few dollars on you seeing 100.
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