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Chinese Pai-Gow Poker: The Online Hybrid

Poker is a game of 1,000 faces. There are more variations of this game than perhaps any other amusement in the casino. Local rule variations, house rule variations, cultural variations all combine to make this game one of the toughest games for any card player to master. And while the popularity of online poker surpasses expectations, operators are working at lightning-pace to bring more variety and more excitement to their players.

Victoria’s Poker ( has done just that, they have built a solid poker platform offering a full variety and selection of games including Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha H/L 8 or better, 7 Stud, 7 Stud H/L 8 or better, Double Flop Hold ‘em and Big River. All these games are bound to satisfy the variety of tastes of North American and European poker players, but with the Western appetite satiated, Victoria’s is now looking East to set the tables for their next seating. Offering all games in Korean, Chinese and Japanese, Victoria’s has met its first challenge, language translation, early out of the gates.

But there is more than a language barrier between East and West poker players. So Victoria’s embarked on a trail to develop a game that could be enjoyed by Western Players whilst keeping focused on the discerning palates of the East. Victoria’s new game, Chinese Pai-Gow Poker combines the playing format of Chinese Poker with the excitement of American Pai-Gow Poker.

Chinese poker is a game played by four players all pitted in battle one against the others. Modern Pai-Gow Poker is a Las Vegas invention aimed at the Asian market where players play a variation of traditional Pai-Gow, replacing tiles for cards and with each player matching wits against the house bank.

The original game of Pai-Gow was a player bank game. At the start of every hand the player banking the game put up the amount they wish to wager, then all other players would put up their wagers. The die was tossed to show who gets first action and the action continued counter clockwise from that point to the rest of the players. The problem was that the player banking could not win or lose more than they had wagered, and subsequently some players on the end of the rotation never got to play their hands because the "bank" had either lost or won the amount they wagered.

Chinese Pai-Gow Poker is a hybrid of these two games utilizing a community bank format, Western cards and a Pai Gow “house way”. Victoria’s Poker has incorporated the Chinese poker betting style, each player having a wager against all other players at the table, and the hand set of Pai-Gow. Each player is no longer limited to action against the house or the banker, but will have action with all six players at the table.

By combining the excitement of Pai-Gow, yet making it a community game not limited to one banker, the action at Victoria’s Chinese Pai-Gow Poker increases the excitement and eliminates the obstacles that have kept so many players away from Pai-Gow.

“But what about strategy?” any Pai-Gow enthusiast would rightly ask. Victoria’s has set a "house way" which the players may choose to follow. However, most players set their hands to their own strategies making the pickings in this game ripe for the sharpest player.

If you are looking for a new game that maximises action and allows the player to make his own decisions whilst playing to the familiar Pai-Gow poker structure, Chinese Pai-Gow is the hybrid you’ve been hoping for.
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