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Finding The Right Balance

Does your online casino display your account balance at all times? Most do, in fact that is the balance casinos use to determine whether or not you have credit to play. So you can be sure whether it’s displayed on the screen or is hidden in an area called “cashier” or “the cage”, the casino has up-to-the-minute knowledge of how much you have left.

Gamblers call the amount of credit they have at the casino their “balance”. “Balance” is simply the abbreviated term for “credit balance” which is the aggregate of the player’s available cash and line of credit at the casino. But since in online casinos players rarely have lines of credit, balance usually just means cash.

What players tend to forget is another type of “balance” that is even more important than the credit balance. Players should be concerned with their “daily balance”. The daily balance represents the amount a player has won or lost in a single day.

For example, if you deposit one thousand dollars into an online casino account and win one hundred dollars on that same day your credit balance would be eleven hundred dollars. However, your daily balance would only be one hundred dollars. If you were to stop gambling after winning that one hundred dollars, never to gambling again, then you would need to worry about your daily balance. But, if you went back to the same casino the following day (where you had an eleven hundred dollar account balance) and continued to play, you would be basing your win/ loss assessment on the one thousand you initially deposited plus the one hundred you won previously. And although this is not incorrect, you would be measuring your performance through clouded lenses.

Many smart gamblers measure their performance on a daily balance basis. When they log into to their online casino they assign a zero balance to their account, giving themselves of fresh start each day. From this zero balance they add or subtract their winnings and losses to keep a running tally of their performance. By using the daily balance they can accurately judge how well or how badly they are gambling.

Many players set stop loss limits to how much they’re willing to lose in one particular day. By using a daily balance, players know when to say when if their luck is down. When a certain amount is lost to the casino, players should change tables, changed games, change dealers or change casinos. The daily balance lets players know when it’s time to make that change.

The daily balance method is also extremely useful when testing different gaming strategies. By setting a zero daily balance and playing a sufficient amount of games using a particular strategy, players can measure the performance of each strategy on a reasonably accurate basis.

You may wonder “if the daily balance is so important why isn’t displayed at my casino?” The answer is simple, online casinos don’t want you to know how much you’ve lost in a particular day. It is much easier to stop gambling when you see that you have hit a bad run of luck than it is when you see a healthy credit balance. What would prompt you to stop gambling more quickly, seeing your eleven hundred turn into nine hundred, or a big red 200 with a negative in front of it?

One of the simplest methods for keeping track of your daily balance, if your online casino does not provided for you, is to keep a pen and paper next your PC and add and subtract winning and losing bets manually. It’s not a high-tech solution, it’s not a glamorous solution, but it’s practical and it works. And best of all, you’ll be able to keep a paper trail of your wins and losses.

Another method is to open the calculator on your PC and record your entries right on your screen. (You can open your calculator by going to START>PROGRAMS>ACCESSORIES>CALCULATOR) This is the high-tech solution to your problem and requires that you have included the calculator in your windows options when you set up your PC.

Whatever method you use, know what balance your casino is showing you. Always be aware of how much you have won or lost on an ongoing basis, calculating your wins and losses after you finish playing is to late. Accurate account management will help you become a more successful gambler.
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