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Do You Have the Bottle

Do you have the bottle to lay it on the line? When you win do you let it ride to the top, or do you take your money and run?

The stories that you hear are always about the bloke that let it ride and rode it to the top. You never hear abut a guy that won a few quid here and there and then took it home with him. Do you bet for the money, or for the thrill?

I once saw a gentleman in a posh European casino bet the equivalent of $100 on the roulette board. Needless to say his number hit. But instead of taking the money from the 16 spot, he just looked at it, cool as can be. He let it ride, the whole bloody $3600. I thought, this bloke has more balls than brains.

At another casino I watched a different gentleman playing blackjack. Whenever he hit “blackjack”, he would let the entire bet ride for three straight hands. I don’t know if it was luck or skill, but he walked away from the table with two stacks of chips like the Twin Towers.

Why do they do it I asked myself? Is it a bank breaking strategy, or do they love the thrill of being at risk, of being exposed.

If it is a strategy then it is different than any I’ve read about. So it must be the other thing, the risk and the hope that lady luck sits on your lap. The excitement of the game is nothing compared to the relief of knowing weather you have won or lost.

Some people look for this excitement and danger in sport, some find it in business, some in the stock market, and we find it in the casino. Gambling is our way of putting yourself in danger and then fighting your way out. Safer than parachuting and seedier than the Dow Jones, the casino is a refuge for the rebel under wraps, an escape for the devil that lies within our hearts and begs to be let out.

Is that why you gamble? Are you like the bloke with more balls than brains who wants to win, but only after huge risk? If you are you’ll be interested to know that he hit 16, again.
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