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The Future is Bright and it's in the Palm of your Hand

Palmtops used to be great for syncing your calendar and your contacts for reference on the go, but today’s top end handhelds can do oh so much more. In fact, syncing to your Outlook is now an afterthought, with new high performance palmtop specific applications moving into the foreground of what consumers look for when buying a palmtop PC.

The most significant improvement in palmtop performance for the gambler is the ability to surf the “real” internet. Handhelds operating Microsoft’s Pocket PC 2002 come ready to surf straight out of the box. Prior to Pocket PC 2002 most handheld applications were either limited to surfing a “striped down” version of the internet, or surfing the internet with such limitations that it made sense not to venture off the few sites specifically designed for palmtop viewing. These limitations are now a thing of the past. Full HTML browsing is easy work for new palmtops, and depending on the connection speed of the modem, users have the option to view sites in text only format or with full gif and jpeg graphics. For the gambler, this means palmtops can be used for more than just the occasional sports flutter. In fact, modern palmtops have brought entire suites of non-download HTML casino games to the palm of your hand -wherever and whenever you want them.

Online casino gaming software providers are quickly picking up on the huge potential these devices have in the marketplace and are developing applications specifically designed for casino gamblers on the move. WorldGaming has revealed its new suite of palmtop games, and if you haven’t seen them, rest assured that they could convince even the most fastidious skeptic to place a bet.

To get yourself gambling on the go, you’ll need a palmtop operating Pocket PC 2002 with a strong enough processor to handle web graphics. There are many units on the market that meet these requirements, but one that is notably at the top of its class is the Compaq iPAC 3870. Not only does it have 64 MB of RAM, 32 MB of ROM and a 64k color TFT screen, but it is integrated with bluetooth, enabling it to communicate with select mobile telephones which can connect the device to the internet without the need of wires or a land-line.

Couple the iPAQ 3870 to a bluetooth phone on a network that supports GPRS and you will be surfing to your favorite casino faster than you ever did from your laptop’s 56k modem. Of course, at the dizzing price of $649 you can use your palmtop for more than gambling. It has pocket versions of all your favorite applications like Word, Excel and Power Point. And don’t forget, you can still sync your calandar and contacts, just like before.
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