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Greyhound Racing's Million Dollar Event Entices Punters

The Preakness, the Breeders' Cup and the Kentucky Derby are well-known horse racing events. They entice punters with their jackpots and large wagering pools and thrill the general public with their fanfare that makes you feel part of the event even if you’re watching the race from a remote location.

That is the effect that track management at historic Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, Florida is hoping for when they roll out the Derby Lane Million for greyhound racing's first ever Million Dollar Stakes. The track is currently gathering greyhounds from America, Ireland and Australia for the most historic race in the history of the sport that will pay a record-setting first place finish. The six-round tournament will feature five qualifying rounds beginning on February 11, 2006 with semi-finals held on February 25 that will produce the elite eight for the March 4, Million Dollar Stakes race final.

While the greyhounds chase the lure around the St. Petersburg oval, punters around the globe chase the daily jackpots and large wagering pools that Derby Lane is noted for. The greyhound broadcast is part of the largest greyhound network in the world reaching over 375 sites nationally and internationally including popular Las Vegas casinos.

The pari-mutuel mecca offers live greyhound racing, daily simulcasts of thoroughbred and harness racing as well as Jai Alai from Miami. Other Florida greyhound signals are on the daily simulcast menu as well as daily poker games and tournament play. The Million Dollar series will command attention from the experienced gambler to the greyhound novice. "If you build it they will come" is a well-known phrase as is "showcase the best greyhounds and you will handle a million in one performance."

Greyhound racing's ‘Night Of Stars’ has proven that offering the best greyhounds on an entire card will produce over a million dollars in handle for the single event. And the popular guaranteed Pick Six jackpot of $75,000 for picking six consecutive winners in designated races has paid off. On November 5, 2005 two punters claimed over $32,000 each for selecting all six winners despite two long-shot finishers in the 16th instalment of the NOS broadcast. The rolling Pick Three and superfecta pools are also attractive to gamblers.

The broadcast masterpiece is anchored in the Chelsea TV Studios in New York with All Mobile Video employees jumping through hoops to keep the Production running smoothly. It is a technological wonder as tracks send their signal live to New York and then it is redistributed to the Night of Stars simulcast sites all over the country and via streaming video on the internet. The NOS wagering smorgasbord is a punter's paradise.

The Night of Stars broadcast is a semi-annual event. The spring broadcast takes place the Saturday after Kentucky Derby and the fall NOS is the weekend following the Breeders' Cup. The NOS pools even lured horse racings own Steven Crist of The Daily Racing Form to partake in the races. He is the greyhound handicapper for the Pick Six and boasts about his two ex-racing greyhounds that now share his home along with his wife.

Derby Lane has seen for itself what a champion can do for the handle. In 2002, Talentedmrripley was the greyhound to beat. He had a global following and earned his reputation. utsiders challenged him and gambler's loved him. And when Ripley competed in major stakes races punters played him. During Ripley's reign the track saw three single million dollar performances and even set a record handle over 1.3 million on closing night when Ripley competed in the St. Petersburg Derby, where he was the runner-up after encountering trouble.

If one greyhound can entice that much play, imagine what 64 champions will do when the Million Dollar series is launched. For those lacking in greyhound lingo and the wagering formats there are several websites to help get you up to speed. First there is the Derby Lane website that features daily entries and results as well as news that highlights upcoming youngsters as well as veterans. The site also updates the kennel standings, post position stats and best times on a weekly basis.

The site is you will want to familiarize yourself with it because it is the track that will host the Million Dollar event. The stakes race will be held over the 550-yard course where the track record time is 30.02. Imagine being paid $500,000 for a thirty-second sprint race. There is plenty of time to get familiar with the site that also offers its races via streaming video. There will be much coverage of the Million Dollar event that will give the gambler an edge when playing the race on track or via simulcast.

One of the most popular greyhound data sites is Rosnet that features the majority of tracks in America. The site requires password entry, but is a free site offering valuable information, features live streaming video on several tracks, results, sire and dam information, racing history, littermates, and wagering opportunities at , and The Rosnet site also offers video replays so you can catch a race that you may have missed. The Rosnet site keeps track of the greyhound's history and is a helpful tool for the serious punter or a novice making an educated play.

As in horseracing, the greyhound bloodlines come into play as well. At Derby Lane former stakes winning sires Greys Statesman, Oshkosh Slammer, Ben Awhile and Craigie Whistler appear in many of the champions racing out of the twenty-one kennels housed on the Derby Lane grounds this season. Sire and dam standings as well as daily racing news is found at the National Greyhound Association's website of The site also displays the greyhounds that have made their mark in history.

And speaking of history, the sport even has its own museum located in Abilene, Kansas- the heart of the American sport. You can visit them at There are sites for greyhound wagering and then there are industry sites like and that feature industry news addressing greyhound welfare and adoption.

At this time Ireland stakes race champion Tyrur Ted has made a commitment to fly to America for the big race. This will enhance the wagering format as players from the two countries wager differently. The Irish tend to put more money in the win pools where the American's chase the trifecta and superfecta odds. If an Irish runner does enter the race a valuable resource for Irish racing is

The Derby Lane Million Dollar stakes race event is one to book mark. The qualifying rounds will be held February 11, 15, 18, 22 with semi-finals on February 25. Stakes race final is March 4. The legendary event will pay a record first place prize of $500,000 to the winning greyhound. The remaining monies equalling the million dollars will be distributed to the remaining greyhounds in the stakes and consolation final. Derby Lane management hopes history repeats itself and large pools will be generated from the high-calibre event that should have punters "chomping at the bit" in anticipation.

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