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Micki Oster, Trident Lounge Group

What is this year’s most significant development in iGaming?

Being from the poker industry perhaps makes me a little biased, but I believe that the huge success of televised poker tournaments like the WPT and the WSOP have caused an explosive growth in the online gaming industry that hasn’t been seen in close to 5 years. Currently in the U.S. the interest by consumers in poker is higher than ever before, and new poker sites are launching weekly.

What should all players be aware of when gambling online?

Trust and reputation. It doesn’t matter if you are playing in an online casino, poker site, or wagering on sports, take the time to find out about the site. Most reputable sites will be pleased to answer your questions, and gaming forums are a great place to find information. Remember that sites can’t please 100% of the players, so look for a consensus in opinions, as opposed to listening to a single source, whether positive or negative.

What gambling tip can you offer our readers?

When playing poker online, the biggest lesson to learn is patience. If you try to play every hand you will eventually lose your bankroll. Wait for cards that give you the best chance of winning, and learn about things like Pot Odds which will help you make the best bet decisions.

How big do you think online gambling will get and will it ever surpass Las Vegas gambling?

I believe that some sort of restricted legislation that will allow online gaming in the United States is inevitable. When this happens the major land-based gaming operations will become involved in a big way, and their handle from their online sites could easily surpass those that they enjoy in Vegas.

What is the biggest bet you have ever made?

I play in some pretty high limit poker games at the Bellagio. When you think about how much money is sometimes in the pot you realize why Vegas uses chips instead of cash!

Is it safer to gamble online or at a terrestrial casino?

It would be naïve to thing that you are as safe online as you do not know the operators, and if they were to close their operations while you had money on deposit you would have a difficult time collecting. Having said this, however, if I believe that the site is reputable I do not hesitate to leave some money on deposit. Just like with a land-based gaming operation, the house does not need to engage in cheating as the games themselves are profitable enough. With poker sites in particular, there is nothing to be gained by the house if they manipulate the cards, it is in their best interest that everyone wins equally.

What can players do to stay “safe” on the internet?

My suggestions would be to research the site’s reputation; play lower stakes at first to see how you are treated, and if you are winning, make a small withdrawal to ensure that this process is seamless. As time passes you can then confidently increase your action and your funds on deposit.
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