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Interview: Casino Operator’s Point of View

Gambling Online Magazine has nailed down online personality and InterCasinoPoker manager Ryan Hartley for an exclusive insight on what it’s like to manage an online poker room. Ryan has managed the InterCasino casino for many years, and we have asked him to tell our readers the differences between running an online casino and an online poker room.

Hartley: “The main difference between managing the casino and the poker room is that customers play against each other in poker. That in itself introduces new challenges as the casino’s job is no-longer setting competitive odds, but to keep the games competitive by ensuring that everyone is playing fairly and that there are never two players colluding. We have developed sophisticated systems to identify collusion and ban the players that attempt it.

In terms of customer relationships, the poker room is a blast because the players are going head to head and only paying a small fee for the opportunity to join the game. There is more player interaction than at the casino and the community is made up of some very interesting characters. Come on the site and you’ll see what I mean.

But the poker room is not just about chatting and making friends, people are there to play poker, not to renew acquaintances. Chat tends to be reasonably short and to the point. You have a little bit of banter going on, but not nearly as much as we have on our Bingo site – there chat makes up half the game.

If there is anyone looking to run their own poker site can only say this ‘If you can offer engaging graphics, fast games, secure payment methods, and good customer service – you’ll have the essence of what the player wants.”
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