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Playboy Gaming: Robin Cairnes

You would think that the Playboy brand name would be enough to differentiate it from the crowd. But Playboy gaming’s new golden boy Robin Cairnes is not a complacent soul prepared to rest on laurels. He is making Playboy online gaming essentially “Playboy” rather than a casino site with a honey bunny.

Since he has joined the Playboy team he has introduced Playboy’s unique “visual rewards” for signing up, has thrown parties with playmates for big players, and has brought the whole of the Playboy Empire to benefit all of the little “playboys” who gamble with them.


Essentially I saw that the Playboy brand very much extends into the gambling space because it already had, in the 70s, casino clubs. I saw a fantastic opportunity for Playboy to raise the awareness of the association with the Playboy brand and online gambling. It’s certainly not about brand awareness because the Playboy brand is known in all four corners of the world but in terms of online, I saw an opportunity to build on the online gambling business that had already been operating.

We have really just come out of the traps, and I think as an operator, the challenges obviously are differentiation in the marketplace. That’s where I feel that our brand is incredibly powerful. What we have been concentrating on since my arrival is taking the Playboy brand values of lifestyle and entertainment and incorporating it in the whole gambling experience with Playboy . We have started to take some steps to make the experience more commensurate with what you’d expect from Playboy, what a Playboy customer would expect. By that I mean differentiating us in the marketplace.

My predecessor sensibly chose to work with Ladbrokes as a partner on the international sports wagering side as they are the world’s largest bookmaker. Besides that our casino software is consistently voted the most playable casino software in the market. But I think that we can differentiate further in terms of the experience of gambling.

As an example, our registration process is about to change because it’s not very exciting, not just with us but with any operator. We want it to better reflect our brand values. We’re actually incorporating a visual reward for each step of the registration process you complete. What we’ve done is take the five-step sign up process and use existing photography that we have to create a tasteful visual reward for each step completed. You could probably guess the demographics of our players to a great extent. Our customers are mainly male and therefore the visual rewards are images of females.

One of the things that we can do being Playboy is to create more of a lifestyle opportunity for people who gamble with us. I’ll give you a couple of examples. We’re looking at a number of loyalty promotions whereby customers of ours will have the opportunity to have lunch with a Playmate at the Mansion 1-1 and a tour of the Mansion grounds. I don’t think there are many other casino operators that can offer that type of value reward.

Another example was our World Cup final party. We want to create more of that type of thing, where we’re providing an opportunity for our customers to join in the Playboy lifestyle. Some other promotion ideas might be the opportunity to attend the Superbowl escorted by a couple of the Playmates. There are a number of fantastic parties that happen throughout the year as well and we hope we’ll be able to provide opportunities for existing and future customers to attend. I really want to create a VIP club if you like in the online environment.

It’s really about the customer experience and leveraging the Playboy brand to give the customers the best, the most interesting and most fun gambling experience that you get online – that’s the goal.
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