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Make Every Minute Count

So, you have a day (and a night) in Vegas on a layover to or from somewhere. How should you spend it? Let GOM show you the way.

So much real estate in Las Vegas is devoted to hotel rooms, but the amount of time you actually spend in your room is forcibly kept to a minimum. With that in mind, as well as healthy reserves of appetite and a willingness to go for it, we cater the best of Sin City in a condensed, rapid-fire 24 hours. Sometimes all you need is a surgical strike to get it out of your system and ensure a lot of sleep on the flight back home. But even if you fulfill what you need to, you always know where to go in case you need to get another dose.

Noon: Peppermill Restaurant, breakfast

Obviously, no reason to get up early or be in a tremendous rush. If you’re coming straight from the airport or coming off a particularly heavy night, the best place to get into a groove that will resonate for the rest of the day and evening is the Peppermill Restaurant. It’s the place of Las Vegas legend and the luxury of 24-hour breakfast service cannot be overstated. Go with the Marco Pollo Omelet: a heaving chicken breast sautéed with spinach, sundried tomatoes, garlic and Provolone cheese encased in egg and topped with tomato Hollandaise sauce. Throw a couple of pancakes on the side as well. Maybe some bacon too. No, definitely some bacon. Wash it all down with a large fresh orange juice to get the energy levels up. You’re going to need it.

Three: Bare Pool Lounge, The Mirage

Vegas pool lounges have been all the rage for years now, and each new one does its best to outdo the previous. Shelf lives here are short, so you have to be on the mark fast to savour the action before it gets stale. So after you’ve digested that breakfast and are willing to bare virtually all, head to Bare pool lounge at The Mirage, which just opened for its third season in March. It’s a blissful safe haven from the sprawling, frenetic pool complex next door and don’t be surprised to pull up a lounge chair next to Hollywood elite. Even if you don’t, experience its two saltwater luxury dipping pools, exclusive ambiance and ultra VIP service all surrounded by towering palms. The cool vibes from house DJs also set a groovy party mood. Try not to ogle as the ladies are free to roam topless here. If you want to step up your game, you can arrange private daybeds and cabanas, or get up in the raised VIP section, which overlooks all the action, including a glass infinity-edged pool. If the sun didn’t go down, you’d never leave.

Six: Diablo’s Cantina, Monte Carlo Resort & Casino

After getting sufficiently bronzed (or burnt), it’s time to rinse off the SPF 30 and head to Diablo’s to watch the transition from day to night. And what better way than with a big margarita in one hand and a chicken quesadilla in the other. Diablo’s combines the charm of a coastal Mexican cantina with legendary Las Vegas flamboyance. Definitely go for the Sancho Margarita: their mega 44-ounce “Casa Margarita”. And watch out for the roaming shot girls who are all too eager to throw tequila down your throat. Great food and drinks aside, it’s the atmosphere that will get your pulse going as live music and dancing señoritas captivate everyone in the open-air dining venue—as well as all the onlookers wandering up and down the Strip. Bells and whistles aside, if you’re serious about your tequila, Diablo’s offers more than 75 different types including the distinguished Reserva Anejo, which is aged over three years.

Seven-thirty: Gaming at Monte Carlo

With the fiesta kicking into gear, it’s time to have a wander through the gaming floor at Monte Carlo. Whatever game fits the mood, it wouldn’t be a true Las Vegas experience without having a roll of the dice or a chance to say “hit” at the blackjack tables.

Nine: Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar, Bellagio

Whether you come off the casino floor up, down or even, it’s time to head back up the Strip for an unforgettable dinner experience. Vegas is synonymous with steak, but some of the best food in the desert is, ironically, from the ocean. Yellowtail has an extensive Japanese menu of immediately fresh ingredients amid cool, understated and contemporary surroundings designed by world-renowned Rockwell Group of New York City. Its centerpiece at the entrance is a massive, wall-mounted installation of a yellowtail tuna made entirely of bronze scales. A seat by the windows also gives you broad views of Bellagio’s lake and spectacular fountain show. But award-winning chef Akira Back’s menu of authentic, traditional and modern Japanese cuisine ensures that the best part of Yellowtail is on its plates. Seasonal fish and ingredients are flown in daily from the finest around the world and the sushi rolls and Toro sashimi are spectacular. And if you’re not in any mood to make decisions on your own, a multi-course Omakase (“entrust”) menu puts you in Back’s capable hands. And if you’re brave enough to mix the tequila from Diablo’s with some sake, then tap into Yellowtail’s extensive collection.

Ten-thirty: “O” Cirque de Soleil, Bellagio

The celebrated show that mixes surrealism, acrobatics and theatre is an absolute must see in Vegas. It’s a jaw-dropper in a class by itself, using water to an effect never seen before. It just has to be seen to be believed. Make sure to pick up your tickets before you sit down at Yellowtail, though. The show sells out quickly and tickets not picked up in time are subject to cancellation.

Midnight: Gaming at Bellagio

After a show of O’s magnitude, and since you’re there anyway, it’s time to take it up a notch and play some of the tables in the Bellagio. It’s a whole different level in here as it’s home to high-limit lounge Club Privé and, of course, the most legendary Vegas high-stakes poker room, Bobby’s. Don’t feel any obligations to shell out in these rooms, but if the inspiration hits you, check out some of the more moderately-staked roulette and blackjack tables. The atmosphere is one of a kind.

One: Caramel Bar & Lounge, Bellagio

Still in the Bellagio, wind down from that gaming session, only to gear up for the night as things really start to kick into gear. Caramel Bar & Lounge is the ideal place to keep rolling in a mellow yet pulsing lounge. Ideal as a striking off point, Caramel has chic design, rich caramel-coloured leather couches, opaque marble tables and communal ottomans. It encourages your will to chill.

Two: The Bank, Bellagio

By now, the night is starting to peak. So get off that cozy couch and get yourself into The Bank nightclub. This elegant, intimate and exclusive club caters to a discerning audience with elevated tastes and sensibilities. The exquisite 8,000-square-foot, multi-tiered space, in full Vegas glory, is consistent with the grandeur of the Bellagio. Guests are greeted in a foyer with bottles of Cristal Champagne stacked from floor to ceiling on each wall. The nightclub’s main room has a dramatic aerial perspective and elegant VIP booths layer the dance floor underneath custom crystal-beaded chandeliers. It’s big, but not overwhelming. They got the mix of big-club energy with intimacy just right. Two full bars on either side of the club also offer a great selection of drinks. If you don’t feel like walking all the way to the bars, get yourself a bottle service through The Light Group ( who offers the most refined bottle service in Las Vegas. Each table receives a personal service team with a dedicated cocktail server.

Four: Good night

Time to go back to that room you paid for to sleep, or whatever your circumstances dictate. But if you want to stay out after The Bank closes at 4 am, there’s plenty to take advantage of long into the late, late night and into the next morning. But we have to leave some things open to interpretation and your own imagination. We don’t cover everything here, so you might want to consider changing your flights. One more night can’t hurt, can it?
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