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1. What is this year’s most significant development in iGaming?

“The most significant development this year is the clear establishment of the peer-to-peer operators as the “biggies” in the online gaming space. The largest online poker rooms and exchanges have established themselves as being significantly bigger than the “big” online casino operators and have changed the rules of the game. From the focus on acquiring high rollers, the industry is now focused on getting high liquidity, and this has changed the way companies in this space think and operate.”

2. What should all players be aware of when gambling online?

“They should be able to distinguish the good from the “not-so-good” sites. They should do some research on a site such as which jurisdiction is it licensed in, relative size and ranking in the industry, etc. to be sure that they are signing up with a reputed company.”

3. What gambling tip can you offer our readers?

“Patience is a virtue. Wait for the right cards before going for the kill.”

4. How big do you think online gambling will get and will it ever surpass Las Vegas gambling?

“I wouldn’t put a cap on the size of online gambling. Online gambling will continue to grow and I expect Internet sites to have more wagers than Las Vegas within the next 5 years. Regular single player table games are unlikely to become bigger online than in Las Vegas as the “high rollers” offline will be bigger than online. However, machine games with big jackpots and multi-player table games will be bigger on the Internet than offline ( is already bigger than all land-based poker rooms in the world combined).“

5. What is the biggest bet you have ever made?

“I would say that the biggest bet we made was to guarantee a million dollar first prize in the Million even before we had dealt the first test hand on the site. We didn’t know if the software would work as we had not completed our software testing when we announced the tournament. It finally turned out to be a success.”

6. Is it safer to gamble online or at a terrestrial casino?

“Both have their pros and cons. It is akin to trying to figure out if it is safer to shop online or offline. When one is playing online, the player takes a risk that she may lose connection at the wrong time (it is the Internet!). However, it is inexpensive to gamble online and one can do so with much lower amounts of money than in a terrestrial casino and at any time of the day or night and without having to spend time and money in getting to a terrestrial casino.
Most online gambling sites allow players to test the software for free reducing the risk that a player may not like the service / games provided.”

7.What can players do to stay “safe” on the internet?

“Do not keep passwords that can be easily guessed by someone else, and play at reputed sites, and you are in safe hands.”
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