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Jenna Jameson

GOM gets up close and personal this month with the sexiest girl in gaming, Adult film super-starlet Jenna Jameson! You know Jenna from her famous web site and from umpteen blue-movies where Jenna proves that bad girls do have more fun; but did you know she has the sexiest gambling site on the net?

GOM: Jenna, you are so successful in adult entertainment, what made you get into the casino business?

Jenna: Well, first off I’m from Las Vegas and I grew up gambling. You know, even if I wasn’t at a casino I was playing poker and I just love gambling. So, when I got the offer to have my own casino I jumped on it.

GOM: Jumped on it… great. But when and how did the casino idea come about?

Jenna: I got the offer about a year ago and they said gambling is really popular online. You know, you don’t have to go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you can just do it online: I thought it was a great idea and of course you know it’s a great money maker, so I went into it full force. I thought “the minute you put my name on something its going to be pretty popular”. There are no other adult stars that have their own casino.

GOM: So you must be pretty internet savvy, because you do have your Club which has been up for quite a while. You must know a lot about the internet just from that.

Jenna: Absolutely, I think that to do anything, especially an online casino, you have to be pretty internet savvy. I taught myself how to do everything when it comes to a web site and I ‘m actually running different web sites for other adult stars. But the great thing about the casino was that I didn’t have to build it. I have people helping me with it, and I had all the programming and everything for it already done. I just put in my special touches in along the way. I really wanted it to look right and there were things I wanted it to include, like all the different games.

GOM: What kind of special touches did you include?

Jenna: Well, I wanted it to be very high end, I wanted it to be beautiful, and I wanted it to appeal to a hard core gambler and someone who doesn’t gamble all that often and is just their because he is a fan of mine.

GOM: I noticed it is really a sexy kind of a site and that you have included your picture gallery. What I didn’t notice is a link to your site.

Jenna: Actually I think I do have a link to on the exit page.

GOM: Are you finding that a lot of the people who visit are a big fan of yours and are going to the site to see what else your up to?

Jenna: Absolutely and because I am always on the site gambling, they can come just to gamble along side with me and chat with me at the gambling table…its pretty cool.

GOM: How much time are you spending online at your casino each day?

Jenna: Too much time I think. At least one to two and a half hours. I’m playing Baccarat or Craps or Black Jack most of the time.

GOM: Out of the three, which is your favorite?

Jenna: Baccarat.

GOM: Baccarat is the high roller game of king’s. Are you considered a high roller?

Jenna: Well I like to think so, I have a lot of very good friends that are big high rollers in Las Vegas. Actually one of my best friends is the number two ranked Baccarat player in the world. He taught me how to play and ever since then I was totally hooked. The first time I played I won like, $25,000.

From then on I was totally hooked. I’m like the master, you can usual find me at the Baccarat table.

GOM: Now tell the truth, have you been wining at your own casino?

Jenna: Yeah, actually I have the odds, they’re pretty good, I was surprised.

GOM: That’s really funny.

Are you finding that lady gamblers are coming on to your casino?

Jenna: So far we haven’t done much publicity and we haven’t had a lot of female players, but I think its only a matter of time before women come in. But we have every different type of game that you would want to play… we have Roulette, Black Jack, Slots, Crap, Video Poker, Progressive Slots, every kind of Slots, Caribbean Poker which I don’t know how to play, Pai Gow Poker which I don’t know how to play, Keno: its like everything you could want in a gambling site, and pictures of me which is pretty cool.

GOM: Is there anything more you want to tell the gambling world before we finish off?

Jenna: Yeah, Just come in and most of the time you can catch me in the casino. Usually I’m pretty good luck, I make people win.

GOM: That sounds like an offer to me. I think everyone is going to like to hear that.
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