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Three Degrees of Sensation

Winner333, a new and innovative online gaming site of Global Power Gaming (GPG) based in Spain, is ramping up to launch and will take 2007 by the horns. With a Continental flair for games like poker, roulette and slot machines, Winner333 (at is already making heads turn while GPG lines up new clients. GOM caught up with its CEO Zion Ayni to get more insight into what makes it all tick.

Tell us a little about GPG and Winner333.
GPG has developed gaming software in the last three to five years and we decided to move the market into Spain, while keeping the technical staff based in Romania. It’s been an amazing success. When a client comes to us we offer them the whole package, from creating a company in different countries to helping open bank accounts and develop software. We can tailor the software to whatever the customer wants, including mobile-phone gaming. For instance, we have a client who wants to attract the Spanish market, and so all he wants on his site is bingo and poker. We’re not only helping him with the software, but also the marketing as well as helping him identify his market. We have two goals in mind: to entertain the player and to empower the operator. We’re also launching Winner333, which will feature all types of game platforms to concentrate on the European and Asian markets.

What’s your view of what’s happening in the US?
In a way, we are happy that this is happening. It is a case of the technology moving quicker than the legislation. In the US they are still using a law that came from the 1960s, which is why they have such a problem with sports betting and any bets taken over the phone. So they will have to adjust their legislation, but I think that that will happen worldwide. Once a business wants to take bets worldwide, they will have to pay taxes in the countries that they take money from, and I welcome that. I think that I’m talking for many other companies on this because not only would we pay taxes, but it would also mean that we could advertise and market ourselves in those countries.

Is there a typical person who goes into the online gaming business?
We have all sorts of people who have become licensees, including a guy who works at the town hall who made €370, 000 last month! So the return on his investment has been amazing and, needless to say, he’s very happy. For someone looking to become involved with internet gaming, GPG offers a unique opportunity.
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