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A New Dimension

LeCroupier shatters what can be accomplished online with the launch of their new 3D casino.

It’s been three years in the making but, the world’s first truly online 3D casino, is finally open for business. After 80 full-time staff logged about 200,000 hours, the brainchild of Barrière Interactive Gaming, the online subsidiary of French brand Lucien Barrière Hotels and Casinos, was finally revealed to stunned UK gamers in early March.

The luxurious tradition of Lucien Barrière’s land-based casinos was the foundation for and it specifically mirrors the splendour of its Deauville casino, home of the famed EPT stop. “We unified some of the decoration,” says Jon Strock, chief operating officer for “But everything else is an exact replica of the casino.” But for now, is all about casino games: blackjack, roulette and slots; poker is set to launch later in the year, as well as a mobile version of the casino.

As technology evolves and tastes become more discerning, the brains at Barrière Interactive Gaming knew the task that lay before them in conceptualising and developing completely in house the first online casino utilising next-generation technologies that echo animated film and cutting-edge video games such as Oblivion.

“Anyone playing will be impressed by its superb graphics, life-like avatars and range of games,” declares Strock. One such character is the croupier himself, who is based on a real croupier who works in one of the Lucien Barrière casinos, and he brings his expertise and smooth style to the virtual casino. Personally, you’re able to customise your own avatar using various wardrobes, facial structures, hair styles and even tattoos.

But despite the launch, Strock and the rest of the LeCroupier team are cursed by their own imaginations in that, with the tools at their disposal, anything is possible to make their 3D casino even better than it already is. The more they accomplish, the more they realise what can be done. At the moment, there are eight avatars to choose from, but by the end of the year, there will be 80; there is a chat option, but they’re working on avatars being able to walk away from the gaming to get a drink at the bar, adding a more social interaction to make it a more literal virtual casino than ever imagined—or realised—before.

With this initial launch in the UK, France is not far behind. Beyond that, Strock and Co. aren’t revealing too much, but Russian, Italian, Spanish and Chinese language options are in the works, which shows their intention of taking the brand global.

Licensed in Malta, they’re also thinking of penetrating the US market with a fun-play version, just to get the name out to the biggest potential gaming market in the world. Once Americans get familiarised with the brand, and if online gambling legislation becomes tolerant there again, they can activate a real-money account straight away.

The entire concept of stems from a motivation to entertain people, as a bricks-and-mortar casino should, and this is where people will find its true value and dedication to finding innovative ways to keep people coming back, even if they want to wager as little as one pence. It’s not just a place to play games and win some money; it’s the great night out, at home.
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