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Tim Rosenberg,

Last year online gaming portal reinvented itself as a pay per click (PPC) gambling search engine, delivering quality search to hungry gamers everywhere. GOM introduces you to Tim Rosenberg, CEO of the company with the most enviable domain name in the business.

GOM: Tim, how did you get involved with

My background is in marketing and new media. My first meeting with Graeme Levin, the site’s founder, was in the St James Club, which is a famously exclusive land-based casino in Mayfair, London, and we struck up a good relationship. Graeme was one of the early pioneers in gaming and, having learnt so much from him, I was in a good position to help carry things forward when Graham decided he wanted to take a well-earned rest from running the site 24/7.

GOM: Tell us about the history of the company.

Graeme started the site in its original form back in 1997 as a portal in the heyday of the dot com boom and the early days of the casino world. He ran the portal pretty much in the same format until December 2003 when he decided to sell. A consortium of private investors bought the company. I stayed on to continue to run it from an operational perspective and we decided to make some fundamental changes which saw the development of proprietary search technology, which helped to reposition back in August 2004 as, primarily, a search-oriented site. Advertisers are able to submit listings and determine how much they want to pay on a PPC basis and where they want to be on the listings subject to the amount they feel is appropriate to bid for.

We also changed our marketing strategy, from the old system whereby we would buy lots of traffic to supplement the natural traffic that would come to When we launched the search engine we cut out all the additional paid for advertising traffic and now rely solely on the natural traffic that comes in via our members and via our search engine optimisation strategy. This has resulted in the site driving a high quality of traffic onto our advertisers. At the same time, it’s proving its worth because we have many more advertisers taking part on the search engine.

What we’ve got now is a much wider variety of casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks listed on, and a much easier format for consumers to find what they’re looking for. Essentially, they’ll come to the site, type in the key word or key phrase that they’re interested in, and they’ll be presented with a list of sites that had submitted there listings under that particular keyword.

So what makes unique?

What makes unique is our editorial policy. Because it’s a personal editorial policy as opposed to an automated one, we’re able to ensure that searches are much more accurate than you can find on another search engine. Ensuring that content relevant is something we’re very careful about, so that the user will have a satisfying experience when they come to

As well as the search engine, we’ve also redesigned the portal which now provides variety with community led features. We’ve got a whole new set of casino games, as well as the opportunity to vote for your favorite sites and exchange ‘Ludos’ (the virtual currency) for free credits at a range of different online casinos. We’ll have new features and plenty of new interesting stuff arriving at the site over the next few months.

We’re also running special tournaments for members where the top winners can receive cash prizes by playing our casino games – they’re proving immensely popular.

We were recently been approached by GamingCorp, a publicly listed UK company, who were interested in buying and adding the site to their existing suite of domain names, which includes and The transaction was agreed and completed as of the end of April and now we’re working together with GamingCorp to really push forward all these new ideas and features we’ve been planning.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is a search engine system in which, simply, an advertiser is placed within search results in exchange for paying a fee each time their listing is clicked. Advertisers can compete with each other in auction-style bidding for the highest positions on search result pages. The benefits for advertisers are such that they receive quality traffic – searchers reach their sites because they actively looking for a product or service the site provides. operates a strict editorial policy, which ensures that customers receive only the most relevant results to their searches.

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