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Prime Casino

Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!

The same could be said about Casino’s and Poker rooms.

Once you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.

Not so! For in the case of Prime Casino and Prime Poker you could well be wrong!

Why? because both of these sites hail from one of the most successful online marketing and promotional online games companies in the world, Prime Gaming, who for the past five years have worked under various auspices developing their portfolio of games in preparation for this very moment.

It’s marketing division TCADS created in just 18 month’s online gamings fastest growing business through the platform of Play 65; online backgammon, and now with an audience of 2million registered players, this product continues to grow under the marketing expertise of Prime Gaming.

This success demonstrates why the development, creation and production of Prime Casino and Prime Poker comes at the right time, adding substance to the premise that Prime Gaming has engendered throughout the gambling industry online.

Using the accredited and recognised software platforms of Ongame for its poker site and the state-of-the-art and innovative Microgaming software for its Casino platform. Prime Gaming completes its first stage of 24 7 entertainment for the masses.

Integrating these new products through this mass medium, translates brilliantly into a spectrum of exciting and challenging games, to appeal to a whole new generation of players who want to play for fun or to play for real money; knowing the strength of a solid brand is behind them.

The blueprint for this is embedded in the statement of C.O.O. Chris Panayiotou.

“In recent months the atmosphere in some online game rooms has become very worrying with a lack of enthusiasm all too evident, of course there have been the larger sites who have thrown money at their customers just to keep the momentum going, but none as far as I can recall has actually gone outside the box to bring new players in by developing new products, like we have.”

He goes on to say ; “We have also combined our considerable ability in marketing and promotions gained at TCADS, to launch what we think is the best online gaming business partnership opportunity online today, through Prime Partners which gives us a great foothold in convincing existing and potential affiliates that the Prime Brand is the one to choose.”

Panayiotou’s comments are succinct and he could even be seen to be ahead of himself with the comments that he makes, but this boldness, stems from the fact that he and Prime Gaming believe that they have nothing to prove, that their track record is there to be seen and to be challenged.

The credo of Prime Gaming is not simply one of “here’s a big bonus come and win it!”, it is far more subtle than that, it is the way that they encourage potential players to be a part of their success, this is an undeniable fact, and it is because they have achieved success, that they want the people who play both poker and at their casino to achieve the same.

This is why, in the case of Prime Gaming, it doesn’t matter how many you have played, until you have played at Prime you haven’t played at all.
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