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In 1985 BetCris opened the world’s first offshore sportsbook in the Dominican Republic. Designed as a simple call center for customers to place their wagers; this innovative idea was the start of the billion dollar sports wagering industry.

The gaming community quickly took notice and BetCris’ reputation continued to grow. Names like “Caribbean” or “Island line” were used.

Always the first to post lines, the phrase “Where the Line Originates” was born, attracting the world’s sharpest and biggest players. Soon every line service, Las Vegas sportsbook and bookmaker depended upon BetCris to create a market place for sports bettors all over the world.

It is no secret, every U.S. and some Euro bookmakers actively monitor BetCris’ lines and odds every minute of the day.

Specialized media has qualified BetCris as having the “ability to move the betting lines on most US sports”.

However, BetCris has also been establishing very ambitious goals to keep up with the “Where the Line Originates” concept and still cater to all types of players.

To this date, no other company offers a range of sports betting and entertainment options that can gather both professional and recreational players in the same place. All customers receive the same lines and odds.

Innovation in the market has been the label for BetCRIS in 2005 due to the implementation of a brand new and improved website, the addition of the exclusive Winner’s Circle Virtual Race Book, the opening of walk-up shops in Latin American countries and the constant development of entertainment options including poker, casino, wireless, and skill games for the current and new customers.

BetCRIS has been building an impressive network of successful partnerships to provide the best quality in service for their clients. These strategic relationships have allowed BetCRIS to remain focused on its core business while tapping into other revenue streams with ease and guidance.

In 2006, BetCRIS enters its 21 years of operations, where developments in all areas have been implemented looking especially to increase protection and control of customer’s personal information. The main accomplishments for this year are:
  • Traditional over-the-phone service conversion: In its 21 years of service BetCRIS has been looking for more ways to innovate and improve its service while adapting to constantly changing technologies. This year has shown an impressive conversion rate of customers from our phone service to our online platform. Thanks to a strong push strategy of services such as LiveChat Customer Service Support and our constant improvements to all online features. The overall online experience of BetCRIS has been changing and adapting to the customers’ needs and preferences. The above has translated in an over 25% of customers who have migrated from the phone services and have started to use our online methods.
  • Increased credibility within the media: A strong public relations strategy has opened the doors of BetCRIS to the US major media as part of a plan to expand the credibility the brand has built for over 21 years of service beyond our customer base.
  • Development of Mobile Betting platform: By the end of this year, the Mobile Betting services will include Casino, SMS, Cashier, Registration and Affiliate Tracking program. Due to a strong marketing strategy, the popularity of the service has reached the expected goals and the idea is to continue to make new additions to the Mobile Betting services.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: This year BetCRIS completed transactions with Fun Time Bingo, TCBets, BetMaker, and ParlayCard and has reached deals as well with business partners in Mexico, Peru and Colombia looking into future operations in these countries and continue its expansion in the Latin American market.
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