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Climbing up the MONEY LADDER

Virgin Casino has released some brand new slots, and Maria Pierides couldn’t resist checking out their take on the classic Snakes & Ladders game, which includes lots of bonus features and, if you’re lucky, a fully fledged board

A Snakes & Ladders online slot has made its way onto Virgin Casino, with some promising extras that have the potential to let users win big.

For players who are used to other online slots, be it on the Virgin Casino or others of a similar nature, Snakes & Ladders will not be a foreign concept to them. The game has 20 win lines, and all the usual features and options expected of an online slot are there, including ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons to increase or decrease the stake accordingly, as well as the amount of lines played per spin. Another common feature is the auto-spin function, which enables players to sit back and, potentially at least, watch the money rolling in without lifting a finger – the machine only stops spinning when user action is required, i.e. if a bonus has been triggered or there is not enough money to continue the bet at the current price.

It has a friendly user interface, and the high-quality graphics you would expect from a brand new slot launched in 2011. The one downside however is that it only works on the most updated software, so you will need to ensure your computer is freshly kitted out with the latest Flash player for it to work to its full potential, otherwise there may be problems. One hurdle that we at Gambling HQ had to overcome, involved trying to get around the fact that only one spin was allowed before it crashed and the screen had to be refreshed. So if you want fast, uninterrupted play, the latest software requirements are imperative.

The Snakes & Ladders feature that makes the game differ from the rest works as follows: 3 or more Snakes & Ladders icons anywhere on the screen initiates the bonus feature, which enables the player to roll a dice and travel around a 49-stage board until a multiplier position is landed on; the player is then rewarded with the prize of their total bet multiplied by the number they landed on. Similarly, the free spin bonus is triggered by three or more snakes or ladders in view, with the potential of 100 free spins if five symbols appear on screen.

Another quirky feature reserved for the Snakes & Ladders game is the ‘snake charmer’, which is awarded when 3 or more snake baskets appear, with the player then asked to pick a basket containing a multiplier – simply put, the amount uncovered is then multiplied with the initial bet, to give the player a nice bonus sum.

In conclusion, Snakes & Ladders is an entertaining game that modernises a timeless classic and incorporates some of the game’s best elements into a slot which all gamblers can enjoy. It’s fun, simple and, most of all, it gives the player ample chances of winning.
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