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Mapping out a profit

We’re all familiar with the term ‘postcode lottery’, but a new website has now taken that term to its logical conclusion. Join Gambling as we take a look at the latest craze GeoSweeping the nation

We all know that investing in land can be something of a minefield, especially in today’s volatile economic climate. However, when said investment starts from as little as £3 a month with a potential daily return of £1 million, it becomes an altogether more tempting proposition.

If these seemingly random numbers look somewhat out of kilter with what you have come to expect from the property market, then you’re absolutely right. What we’re actually talking about here is a new geographically themed lottery called GeoSweep in which players buy-up land for a chance to win huge prizes.

As a format, the premise of couldn’t be simpler. Those wishing to play are invited to purchase land anywhere on a map of the UK, simply by entering a postcode and clicking on available squares (or ‘geos’). Each geo can then be purchased for a minimum of 30 days at a time for a charge of just 10p per day.

Players are not limited to a set number of geos per month, nor are they required to actually live in the area that they are purchasing – they simply navigate the map and look for squares that have not already been purchased (these are indicated in red), choose the ones that they want to reserve and make a payment for the next 30 days.

After doing this, the fun can really begin. There are two prize draws a day – one for £1 million and one for a varying daily prize – in which the website’s Quantum Level Light Technology selects a prize zone at random from the UK map. Within that zone, there will be one central square that, if owned, will be eligible for the main prize.

This main draw is known as the GeoSweep and it includes all geos on the map, whether they are owned by someone or not. If the winning geo is not owned by anyone, the prize zone simply extends out to a larger square area of 100 geos and anyone owning a geo within this area will be eligible to share the runners-up prize.

The second draw is known as the Daily Guarantee draw and is so-called because the system chooses a geo at random solely from the areas that have already been purchased. This means that a winner is guaranteed each and every day of the month, with the guaranteed minimum prize that they receive fixed on a daily basis.

Both draws take place at midday every day of the month and provide a welcome distraction during the working day as well as a quick-fix for those who can’t wait until the next National Lottery draw. Prizes are announced within 30 seconds of the draw, meaning that it only takes an instant to become a millionaire.

With such a user-friendly and intuitive site, great range of daily guarantees and an innovative and engaging twist on the classic lottery draw, the website promises to be an instant hit with lottery bettors across the UK. If we were you, we’d start laying claim to our postcode now before it’s too late!
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