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Sometimes you’re just really not in the mood for table games and slots. You want a quick fix of simple fun, with exciting prizes up for grabs. We sent Lia Louis to check out the Games section at Bet365, which stands out from the crowd as having a cracking selection of quirky options

Whenever you sign in to a gambling website and venture over to the Games tab, you often end up disappointed when, instead of a diverse range of instant games, you’re presented with a page crammed full of the usual slot games and not much else. But at Bet365, it’s clear they have taken their Games section very seriously. Instead of finding a never-ending list of assorted slots, this site has a wonderful selection of simple, entertaining instant games.

Bet365’s Games are worthy of your attention in that they offer games from all the biggest software providers (Cryptologic, Boss, Microgaming, WagerWorks and recently Playtech too) all side-by-side. The choice and quality of games available here is something really special.

Top Trumps is known by everybody and is quite simply a timeless classic. Over the years there have been Top Trumps games created in support of most top movies, sports and crazes, and at Bet365 you can enjoy many virtual versions of the game easily and cheaply.

Top Trumps Football Legends is perfect for football fans of any era, as in this game, you will see the faces of Wayne Rooney, Ronaldinho, Paul Gascoigne, Sir Stanley Matthews and George Best to name a few. Upon launching the game, virtual cards spill out of a traditional Top Trumps container, separating into two separate piles on a football stadium backdrop. You are then immediately free to select your chosen stake. These range from a very frugal 50p to a hefty £1,000 per bet, and once you have chosen your desired wager, this legendary classic begins to play out.

Choose which skill or stat to pit against the computer (your opponent) and if the stats on your card beat the card your opponent pulls out, you’ll win a sum of money dependant on the odds supplied. You can then choose to throw the towel in and collect your winnings, or continue the game to try and score even more cash.

If you’re a Top Trumps buff, then you will certainly feel at home at Bet365, as it doesn’t stop with football. Celebs, Horror and even Military Jets versions of the game are available, on top of a truckload more football-themed adaptations.

For those that love nothing more than getting stuck into an exciting, adrenalin-fuelled gameshow, there is an abundant choice of virtual versions of your favourite TV quiz and panel programmes. Offering online versions of Play Your Cards Right, Bullseye, Deal or No Deal and Roy Walker’s Catchphrase, the TV shows sub-section is certainly a well thought out, light-hearted area. However, some of the best fun in this section can be had playing the excellent Goldenballs game.

Ever wondered whether you’d split or steal, or swore blind you could easily pick out the killer balls to bin? Well this game gives you a chance to try because even though it’s virtual, everything about the game – the heart-pumping music, the rounds, the set – bears a striking resemblance to the real daytime TV gameshow.

When the game is launched, players get to choose from a diverse range of stakes that start at £1 and slowly climb up to £100. After placing your bet, you’ll be catapulted to the first and second rounds where you are required to eliminate one player at a time – this truly is just potluck. At the end, players get to select five balls from 11 to build up the overall prize, where the aim is to avoid the killer balls that knock a rather spirit-sapping 90% from your prize. When your prize fund is set, you’ll get to choose whether to split with the computer or steal to double your cash. If the computer steals, regardless of how you vote, you go away with nothing! It’s an extremely fun game through and through, and if the computer is in a generous mood and does away with those irritating steal and killer balls, this little gem could be a definite money-maker, but don’t expect to nab thousands upon thousands playing this one.

If you want to play for big, juicy cash amounts in a fast-paced setting, then you’ll enjoy Egyptian-themed instant game Pyramid. An easy-to-play, entertaining (and sometimes frustrating!) game, Pyramid requires you to guess the symbols that will appear behind the stacked hieroglyphic-style tiles one at a time.

When the game starts, players will be asked to choose a stake from 20p to £1,000 before selecting one of eight Egyptian symbols from the line-up. Once selected, the tiles will unveil symbols, and if your selected icon appears once or more, you’ll win cash. You can then choose whether to cut your losses and collect, or continue on to the next level of tiles, to play for bigger and better cash amounts. If you continue, you can choose a different symbol or stick to your original guess, but the further you go, the less tiles there are, resulting in the odds getting slimmer. To say risking your winnings can be rewarding is an understatement though, as if you manage to get the topmost tile correct, you could win up to a staggering £1 million!

Although none of their games are entirely exclusive to the site and can be found elsewhere, many players will opt to stick with Bet365, as their choice of no-strings instant games are snugly housed in one easy-to-navigate space and are certainly not drowned out by never-ending slot games. Together with classic variations of the much-loved Top Trumps game, adaptations of our favourite TV gameshows and sparkling gems such as Pyramid, that are simple but carry prizes that could change your life, Bet365 certainly plays host to a good, well-balanced mixture.
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